15 Nifty Ways to Use Your Wax Wraps

Pyrex Dish with Hexagonia Beeswax Wrap

Wondering how to use wax wraps? SuperBee reusable beeswax wraps are a great way to cut down on waste in the kitchen…but replacing your plastic wrap with this eco-friendly option is just the start! We’ve found a lot of handy uses for wax wraps since they’ve become a major part of our household, and our customers have also inspired us with the clever ways they use SuperBee Wax Wraps.

Here’s a list of 15 ingenious tips on how to use wax wraps in your kitchen, bathroom, and on the road!

Wrap half an avocado/lemon/lime/apple to save for later

Fruits come in odd shapes, and cutting can make those shapes even odder. Not only is plastic food wrap bad for the environment, but it also does a poor job of sealing and sticking around sliced fruits and veg. Beeswax wraps, on the other hand, are naturally tacky and flexible, hugging the shape of your sliced apple, onion or avocado and creating a seal that keeps it fresher for longer. Use our small beeswax wrap for this kind of usages.

Fold your wrap into a box to hold fresh grapes or berries

Not only can you use your wax wraps as, well, wraps, but they can also be easily folded into a container for things like grapes or berries. How to fold your wax wraps into a container? Easy, just scrunch the flexible wrap around a bunch of grapes after they’ve been washed if you just need something quick and easy to keep them from rolling away, or bust out your origami skills and make a handy container to keep in the fridge. Better yet, opt for one of the pre-sewn Waxed Food Bags instead.

Fold into a pocket to store snacks

SuperBee Wax Wraps also make neat on-the-go containers. Fold them into a little pouch or pocket for some pretzels to snack on, or seal away those T-R-E-A-T-S for your next stroll with Fido. Better for the environment than a single-use baggie (and ultimately cheaper too!), fold small or large wraps to pack any kind of snack.

Wrap around a bar of soap or shampoo bar while traveling

Soap wrapped in wax wrap

Switched to soap and shampoo bars for use on the road? Great – that’s a zero-waste win in our books! But instead of storing them in a messy plastic bag, use your reusable eco food wrap. They’ll take up next to no room in your backpack or luggage and there’s zero chance of shampoo spills ruining your clothes. Even if your soap or shampoo is still wet and sudsy, the beeswax wraps stick to themselves to keep everything sealed.

Replace single-use plastic in your packed lunch

Step it up beyond snacking and use wax wraps as a pouch for your sandwich or to wrap up those leftovers and take to school or the office. The best part? If you’ve packed your own silverware to cut down on using plastic cutlery, you can wrap up your dirty spoon and fork in the wrap to keep your bag clean until they can be washed later at home.

Cover mason jars with beeswax wrap

Mason Jar covered with Beeswax Wrap

Mason jars are great, but the lids can have a habit of disappearing. Wax wraps create a nice, tight seal around glass containers, so they’re perfect for covering and wrapping around the mouth of mason jars of any size. Whether you’re storing things in the fridge or you’ve got jars fermenting in the pantry, wax wraps will keep the contents contained. Just be sure to use a larger wrap to seal down the sides if the contents might build up pressure.

Lost the box to Uno? Wrap that deck of cards

A kid-favourite in our household and others, wax wraps are great for keeping playing cards and Uno sets together. Card boxes have a habit of tearing and falling apart when subject to the wear and tear of children’s play, but wax wraps are sturdy enough to be used over and over again.

Cover the top of bottles or carafes when dining outdoors

Carafes and bottles don’t always have tops, and packing for a picnic can be a hassle. Wax wraps create a watertight seal and make outdoor dining a breeze. Saving the last bit of wine to finish at home? Don’t fiddle around with jamming the cork back into the bottle, your wax wrap will do just well.

Sustainable way to wrap up flower bouquets

Sustainably Wrapped Flowers

If you love flowers but don’t love the plastic and tape your florist uses to wrap your stems, bring along an extra-large sheet to wrap up your bouquet. Not only is it great for the environment to reduce waste, but wax wraps also come in many designs, pretty enough to turn any bouquet into a giftable flower arrangement.

Use as a grip to help open a jar lid

Jar lids get stuck and wrapping a dishcloth for grip doesn’t always do the trick. Running it under a hot tap? Well, now it’s wet and even more slippery! Fortunately, beeswax wraps are just tacky enough to add that extra bit of grip around the lid and your hand so you can get the darned thing twisted off.

Wrap loaves of bread or goodies from the bakery instead of using a paper bag

If your bakery uses paper instead of plastic wrapping, that’s a step up, but you can bring your own wax wraps from home to cut down on waste even more. Use small sizes to wrap buns or pastries, or pack the XXL bread wrap to use to store a whole loaf of sourdough bread.

Roll wax wraps into zero-waste drinking straws

As an alternative to a plastic straw, have you tried rolling up your small wax wrap to sip your juice or smoothie? They may not be perfectly designed for the task, but unlike other types of reusable straws, beeswax wraps are way easier to clean. Just unroll them and wash in water and eco-friendly dish soap.

Roll into a funnel to fill jars with dry goods

Beeswax Wraps Funnel

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to move cornflakes or oats from their packaging into a jar or storage container, and half of it ends up on the kitchen floor. Here, too, beeswax wraps come to the rescue. If you’re missing a funnel in your kitchen, your wax wraps can be easily rolled into a funnel shape for filling jars and containers.

Line your refrigerator shelves for easy cleaning

Sometimes you want to line your refrigerator or food containers with something that can be more easily washed. Wax wraps are perfect for the task! They stick and seal to surfaces and create a waterproof bottom in any container. When it’s time to tidy up, just peel away and wash.

In a pinch, fold a bowl

Sometimes when you’re on the go, you need a container in a pinch. Wax wraps can easily be folded into makeshift bowls when you realize you’ve forgotten some things when camping. If you find yourself needing a water vessel when you’re out walking the dog, wax wraps can also come in handy. You should never leave home without them! (We always have a couple in our bag and car…)

We’ve discovered so many great ways to use wax wraps as part of going zero-waste in the kitchen and home. How do you use beeswax wraps? Let us know in the comments below! (You can also head to our Facebook Page and see more suggestions, videos and more.) Have a look at our bestseller “The Beeginner Set

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