Business at the Beehive – A SuperBee Update

Since launching in July, we’ve been constantly buzzing around hard at work. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to…

Bee-ing Certified

We are currently in the process of getting FCM (Food Covering Material) approval and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval to be hopeful, which will hopefully be completed by the end of the year.

In short, a lot of paperwork and a small investment, but worth the struggle if SuperBee can then better spread its wings.

Business Bees

We’re also currently looking for boutique retailers who would like to stock SuperBee Wax Wraps (if you know of any possible stores, please do put them in touch) and have added The Jumbo Pack of ten Beeginner Sets at a reduced rate to our online store. We hope that this will make wholesale purchasing easier for small shops that want to test SuperBee in their stores.

Also, at the beginning of next year we will add a shipping fee of $6 dollars to each purchase, as shipping costs have been more than we anticipated. (Just another reason to buy your SuperBee Wax Wraps in bulk, whether you have a store or not!)

Back at the Beehive

The SuperBee team is made of many busy bees from the community in Northern Thailand that we’re located in. We recently hired a young man from our village to handle the post office runs everyday as well as a woman who will be in charge of quality control…and is also a trained Thai masseuse. Bonus!!

Additionally, we have now added a new cutting press to the Beehive that will mean that all the edges of our Wax Wraps will be straight from now on. (But of course, still have their own individual charm and quirks.)

It’s been incredible to see the business grow, achieve milestones together as a team and even make time for some good old fashioned fun.

Last month, we had our first team party to celebrate the Thai festival of Loi Krathong and made beautiful flower floats that were placed in the river as an offering to the Water Goddess.

We’re so honoured to be creating SuperBee and sharing natural and eco-friendly products with the world – thanks for being along for the ride!

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