Beeswax Bread Bags

Make moldy bread a thing of the past with our beeswax bread bags and XXL beeswax wraps. Measuring in at 31 x 9.5 x 32 cm, our reusable waxed bread bags will fit even the chunkiest homemade loaves, keeping everything from crispy French baguettes, to chewy ciabatta and hearty hunks of crunchy sourdough fresher for longer. For even bigger loaves, our glorious 40 x 50cm XXL beeswax wraps will fit the bill.

Browse our beeswax bread bags for zero-waste bread storage that will extend the life of your bread by up to four whole days – meaning tasty, crunchy bread for you and less waste for the environment.

How to store bread using reusable bread bags

Whether you’re a master home baker or prefer to pick up your bread from your local bakery, a beeswax bag is an essential part of any plastic-free kitchen. Lovingly handmade using GOTS-certified organic cotton and a proprietary blend of responsibly-sourced beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin, our beeswax lined bread bags are designed to keep your bread fresh, tasty and ready for sandwiches, toast or a light snack.

How do they work? They’re the perfect alternative to plastic-lined cloth bread bags, just without the not so environmentally-friendly plastic. Pop your bread into the bag or the middle of the wrap and roll the top of the bag down using the warmth of your fingers to stick the wax together and create an air proof seal. This should keep the bread in optimal condition, without drying it out.

You can then put the bread bag in a cupboard or tucked away on your worktop and hey presto: fresh bread for longer. Once your new favorite reusable bread bag is empty, just rinse it using cold water and leave it to air dry. It’ll be clean and ready to be used for your next loaf.

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