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Bamboo Tumbler

USD$ 28.00

Just because you’re refusing single use plastic doesn’t mean you have to skip your favourite latte or smoothie.

With the SuperBee Eco-tumbler you’ll not only be helping reduce plastic waste but also looking good with this sleek stainless steel and natural bamboo cup. It can hold up to 450ml of liquid and is closed with a solid lid with drinking slot.

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0.24 kg


18 × 6.5 × 8 cm

Making Coffee with SuperBee Coffee Tin

Bamboo Mug

USD$ 26.00

This beautiful bamboo and stainless steel reusable mug holds 330ml, with a lid to stop your drinks from spilling. Keep it your car, your handbag, or at your desk at work and you’ll never need to feel guilty about getting a takeaway hot drink in a plastic cup again.

Sturdy and durable, this earthy looking mug will see you through many hot lattes!

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0.18 kg


11 × 12.5 × 8 cm

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Made from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton they are washable and reusable for many years to come.

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