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Sustainable Father’s Day Gifts – It’s the Eco-Thought That Counts!

SuperBee Fathers Day

Looking for Father’s Day gifts that show Dad all the love and are also sustainable and eco-friendly?

Before you hop online and start shopping, take a look around your space and see what you already have and what you could do with it! Dad will love to see your creativity and ingenuity as you plan the perfect experience gift, or put together your recycled, upcycled, DIY, or handmade masterpieces. 

If you are shopping for gifts, remember to look for products made with organic, ethically sourced, or recycled materials, and support companies committed to sustainable practices. Also, check if the packaging is made from recycled materials, and can be composted, recycled, or reused.

To inspire you, we’ve gathered our favourite zero-waste, DIY, handmade, and homemade gift ideas that will ensure a memorable Father’s Day celebration while reducing our environmental footprint.

Experience Gifts

Create lasting memories by planning a Dad’s Day Out to his favorite hike, museum, live music event, or park. Choose experiences that won’t take up space at home and bring your own food and water in reusable beeswax wraps and bags.

DIY Farmer’s Market Basket

Personalize a gift basket with Dad’s favorite organic produce from the local market! Grab all the ingredients that go into his favorite meal and dessert. Don’t forget to bring your mesh shopping bags to keep it plastic-free!

Sustainable Daily Refueling

Gift Dad a reusable bamboo mug for his favourite beverages. Make sure it will arrive in eco-friendly packaging and is from a company that uses ethical trade practices and sustainably sourced materials. Add on a coffee or tea subscription to support a local business that refuses single-use items, pays its workers well, and follows sustainable farming practices. 

Mug used with coffee machine

Chef’s Delight organic delivery box

Sign Dad up for a weekly subscription box to your local organic farm. Make sure they offer a reusable delivery box/use your own box, and be prepared to store your veggies properly in jars or beeswax bags, and at the appropriate temperature to prevent food waste. While you’re at it, print out a meal planning-focused recipe book to decorate and add to the gift!

Upcycled Apron

Transform old jeans into an apron for Dad! We like this tutorial from @DadSews. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can glue-gun the long edges and hand sew the details.

DIY/Homemade beard oil

Craft a combo of your Dad’s favorite scents in sustainably sourced essential oils and add a few drops of each to a carrier oil of argan oil or sweet almond oil. Put it in a recycled bottle and DIY a cute label and brand name.

Eco Essentials Gift Box

Dads want the best for their families and a sustainable future is high on the priority list! Give Dad a stylish gift box filled with a range of SuperBee eco essentials, so you can help him take on positive eco habits and enjoy the ease of a sustainable lifestyle.

So there you have it! This Father’s Day, it’s easy to celebrate our dads while making a positive impact on the environment. By getting creative, being eco-conscious, and opting for sustainable gift options, we can show our love for Dad while creating zero waste and promoting a greener future. Remember to consider Dad’s unique preferences and interests as you explore the endless possibilities for sustainable gift ideas that will make this Father’s Day truly memorable.

Happy Father’s Day from SuperBee

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