SuperBee at Chiang Mai’s Hippest Night Market

bee plastic-free with superbee

Here at SuperBee we recently opened our very first shop at Chiang Mai’s Ploen Ruedee Night Market, on Changklan Road, and we’re very excited tell you all about it!

While most of the night markets on Changklan Road focus on shopping, with stall after stall laden with the same scarves, bags and elephant pants, Ploen Ruedee focuses more on delicious food and drink, with a few select shops added into the mix. It also has a more modern and stylish design, with an open feel and plenty of seating, including hay bales, which make for great Instagram photos.

The food at Ploen Ruedee includes many of your favourite Thai market dishes, like pad Thai and satay but you can also find great burgers, wine and delicious vegan Thai food, at our favourite stall V Secret. While dining and shopping you’ll also be entertained by the nightly live music and dance performances.

Over at the SuperBee shop you’ll find all our famous Wax Wraps, Baggees, Produce Bags and a great selection of our Ugly Wraps. For those of you not in the know, our Ugly Wraps have minor imperfections, like a small mark on the fabric or a slightly crooked edge. They work just as well as our perfect Wraps but are much more affordable.

We also stock some special products, unique to Ploen Ruedee, like bamboo cutlery and travel kits. If you’re trying to reduce plastic waste you can start right away by using your new cutlery to eat dinner from one of the many food stalls surrounding our shop. We also have handmade patchwork tote bags, which are great as gifts, or can be used as you continue your night market shopping spree!

So next time you’re in Chiang Mai be sure to come visit us!

SuperBee, Ploen Ruedee Night Market is open Monday – Saturday 6pm – 11pm

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