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Inside SuperBee

Get up close and personal with the SuperBee team. We love what we do and we enjoy sharing the challenges and successes of running our eco-friendly social enterprise here in Northern Thailand.

SuperBee Donations: Making a Difference Together

SuperBee Donations: Making a Difference Together
We’re more than just bee lovers over here - we bee-lieve that all life matters, from the tiniest ball of fluffy kitten delight dumped beside the road, to the playful pup that wanders the street looking for scraps, to the mighty and majestic elephants

The Beauty of Organic Face Masks

The Beauty of Organic Face Masks
Since the unwelcome arrival of COVID-19, SuperBee seamstresses, like Khun Tan, have been industriously sewing hundreds of SuperBee facemasks

Ebony & Indigo

Ebony & Indigo
Handmade with love from start to finish, our indigo and ebony beeswax wraps are the product of a long friendship and a fruitful partnership between two of Chiang Mai’s eco-conscious, women-led brands.

Where We Get Our Beeswax for Wraps

Where We Get Our Beeswax for Wraps
Using SuperBee Wax Wraps is not just about cutting down on plastic but ensuring that the best, cleanest and healthiest materials come into contact with your food while also supporting other responsible and sustainable businesses and producers.

Our products are

Fun and High quality
Eco Warrior products
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With Love
Made with love
Nothern Thailand
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Global Organic Textile Standard
Organic textile
Natural ingredients
Gots certified
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