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Being ‘green’ isn’t always convenient or easy, but we hope our list of favourite green living blogs inspires you to take up a few earth-friendly lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint. Behind each blog is someone who is passionately sharing their experiences about the green lifestyle and encouraging others to pick up these good habits. Whether you’re looking for ways to go ‘zero waste’, eat all-natural foods or stick to eco-friendly products for your house cleaning regiment, here’s the inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

1. Nutrition Stripped

This beautiful, easy-to-read blog focuses on green eating and how enjoying simple, delicious food can benefit you on a cellular level. The creator shares her food philosophy on the importance of eating a locally sourced, organic and plant-centric diet. She takes it a step further and also shares her favourite recipes and other general wellness tips, such as how to spot diet fads and how to curb cravings for processed foods. (Plus the photos are gorgeous!)

2. Green Talk

For the greater part of a decade, Green Talk has been the blog about eco-friendly living, green building and all-natural home decor. The woman who created this blog loves organic gardening and built her own eco-friendly home, the latter which inspired her to make this website! She was once a lawyer, so she has a knack for explaining the ins and outs of sustainable living in a succinct yet practical way and also offers green business advice. Every article is from her green perspective and she’s skilled at anticipating her readers’ questions while evaluating the ‘greenness’ legitimacy of products, methods and services that have caught her eye.

3. Zero Waste Home

A leading blog in the movement toward zero waste, this site takes green living to the next level. Whether you’re new to this earth-friendly experience or you’re a pro, the articles focus on how to reduce – and ultimately, eliminate – the amount of trash that leaves your home by encouraging you to incorporate recycled goods, sustainable products, bulk purchases and homemade compose into your daily life. Many of the articles feature convenient green alternatives to your home such as cloth towels in lieu of one-time use paper towels or reusable or recycled office supplies. As an added bonus, many of her suggestions double as money saving tips, too.

4. Wellness Mama

This blog is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked on its articles right from the beginning. We love that Wellness Mama’s topics focus on DIY green cleaners, beauty advice using natural products and healthy homemade recipes. The information is available in easy-to-read articles on the site but there’s also eBooks that are accessible while you’re on the go as well as podcasts. This blog drills home the importance of ‘real food, natural remedies, healthy living ideas and DIY beauty products’.

5. Green Steve

The man behind the self-named blog has taken steps to offset his carbon footprint. By documenting his journey, he is now paving the way for others to do the same. We like that he comes off as a practical guy by using good judgement and reasoning to make conclusions about certain environmental issues, which range from climate change and throw-away fashion to energy dependence and food and water conservation. The articles are thought-provoking and a good way to whet your appetite for becoming greener.

Get a jumpstart on becoming green with these blogs because every moment we reuse, reduce and recycle, counts!

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