Reflective Sunday

As I try everyday my hardest to balance

  • running a business – this is hard work and a lot of responsibility I wasn’t really counting on – but it is still fun.
  • raising children, 8 and almost 14 – try raising a teenager, while you are going through menopause – WTF!
  • managing the family – this is a full time job.

But still finding time for

  • my partner – if we can stop arguing about who did the dishes and went to more school events this month
  • friends – what would I ever do without them.
  • Exercise – cos even though I am tired, it always feels awesome. When have you ever finished yoga and thought – Oh I feel so shit now – NEVER!
  • Meditation – that is….. Without falling asleep 😉
  • making and eating healthy food – I have to love my hubby for taking over this lately, he is really awesome, Love you Lutz x
  • being eco-friendly in my purchases this often means going to five different markets instead of one AND using of course our SuperBee Wax Wraps
  • participating in the community through sharing ideas and cleaning up
  • and amongst all that, always remembering to smile…

Sometimes it is all too much and I have to find the closest place to lay down or eat French fries – my go to naughty food, I love with all my heart. It reminds me of my childhood and they are fun to share.

I came across this video today that put it all in perspective – I hope it can bring some calm and happiness to everyone who watches it today too.

Number 7 is the one I will focus on today. I think we can all be very hard on ourselves. I choose to love me today.

Bee Happy – it’s a choice.

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