Coffee Lover Bundle


Hot or iced, at home or on the go, SuperBee’s Sustainable Coffee Lovers Combo is the ideal gift for eco-warriors with a penchant for travel and good coffee. The set contains a Bamboo Mug, a Bamboo Tumbler, and a tin of sustainably sourced organic coffee beans from Chiang Mai.

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Whether you use one at your desk at work or keep one in your car for on-the-go coffee orders, SuperBee’s sustainable Bamboo Mug isn’t just beautiful – it also helps you save hundreds of single-use coffee cups throughout its long lifetime. The cup, made from bamboo and stainless steel, holds 330ml of hot or cold coffee (or any liquid, really) and comes with a handy lid to keep your drink from spilling. Made from the same materials, the eco-friendly Bamboo Tumbler (450ml) is ideal for large lattes and smoothies, and also comes with a handy lid you can drink through.

Grown without chemicals by the incredible Lahu Shelah hill tribe in Northern Thailand, SuperBee Forest Coffee is fully organic and deeply aromatic. The beans are pulped, husked, sorted, and roasted (medium-dark) in the same villages as they are grown, ensuring maximum freshness. And when you finish the beans, the tin can be used as a beautiful container to store new beans or other dried foodstuffs.

SuperBee’s travel-friendly Sustainable Coffee Lovers Combo is the perfect gift for globe-trotting eco-warriors with a penchant for good coffee.

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