DIY Eco School Pack


With the DIY Eco-School pack, young eco-enthusiasts (and really, any creative kids) can make their own bee-autiful Wax Wraps. The pack is perfect for school groups, workshops, events or groups of friends. Each Pack includes enough of our special Beeswax Wrap Wax Mixture and 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton to make 30 wax wraps, and fabric crayons to decorate the wraps.

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Our DIY Eco-School Pack is perfect for school classes, workshops, groups of friends and parties. It includes enough materials to make 30 bee-autiful beeswax wraps and all the information you need to make your workshop a big success.

Simple enough for children, this really is a crowd pleaser, and everyone comes away with bee-autiful and practical beeswax wraps at the end. Encouraging others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle through fun experiences and workshops is a great way to spread the eco-friendly word.

Each pack includes 5 Waxing Bars, made from our special Beeswax Wrap Wax Mixture, 4 graters, and enough 100% Organic GOTS certified cotton to make 30 wax wraps. The pack also includes fabric crayons to decorate the wraps just the way you want it.

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