Eco Laundry Kit


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Key feature

  • 1 Hexawash Laundry Detergent Replacement
  • 3-pack Wool Dryer Balls
  • Set of 5 Mesh Bags to protect your delicate items

Make your laundry plastic-free with SuperBee’s Eco Laundry Kit. The kit consists of our best-selling Hexawash Laundry Detergent Replacement, a pack of Wool Dryer Balls, and a set of organic cotton Mesh Bags to protect your delicate items.

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The average laundry routine is a sustainability nightmare: plastic jugs of laundry detergent, plastic-wrapped dryer sheets, and don’t even get us started on the list of chemicals on their ingredient lists! With SuperBee’s Eco Laundry Kit, you’ll turn your laundry room into a sustainable, plastic-free zone, free of skin-irritating chemicals and other allergens.

Lasting for over 300 laundry cycles, the Hexawash is an eco-friendly laundry detergent replacement that uses magnesium, not harsh chemicals, to get your clothes spotlessly clean. Just throw this organic cotton pouch in the washing machine along with your dirty laundry and use your regular wash cycle – the Hexawash will work its eco magic. And since there’s no detergent to rinse off, you can even skip the rinse cycle (if your machine allows). When the Hexawash finally stops working (after around 300 washes), you can use it as a fertilizer in your garden.

Made from fragrance-free, unbleached New Zealand sheep’s wool, SuperBee’s Wool Dryer Balls help reduce your dryer’s drying time by 30%, saving you heaps of electricity and ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. Simply throw these eco-friendly dryer balls along with your load – they last for up to 1,000 cycles. They also help reduce creases in your clothes, saving you time and money when ironing.

The Eco Laundry Kit also includes a set of 5 drawstring Mesh Bags made from organic cotton. Use them as an on-the-go laundry bag when traveling, or to keep things tidy around the house.

Customer Reviews

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Carmen S
Eco Laundry Kit

Great value pack! Mesh bag quality is good. Hexawash used daily, not sure if it works but great for the environment, so do my bit! Overall am happy with purchase!

Kat Meinen
The Hexawash and wool dryer balls really work!

This is my second purchase of the the Hexawash and the dryer balls. Our first purchase was about 2 years ago and we’ve been testing them since then. The Hexawash is fantastic - we no longer have to buy bottles of laundry detergent (one for colours, one for Whites, one for wool/delicates), thereby skipping the plastic, freeing up space in our apartment and simplifying the laundry process. If the laundry is not very dirty, we can also just use the rinse cycle, skipping the wash cycle. It also makes our merino wool clothes very soft. The wool dryer balls cut drying time up to 50% for us and takes away the static. Using both products saves money on our electricity bills!

Good kit - mai più senza (NEVERMORE WITHOUT)

I love this kit! I already know the power of exawash, and already use wool ball. These ones are larger than mine and I think that that improve the capacity to avoid the folds. I had 1 big bag in plastic material, and I would like to replace it with another natural bag. Natural bags are in different size so I can put small things in the small one without filling the washing machine with bag!!!!! I also gave a kit to my friend who did not know any product and was happy with everything! Especially the balls, because she uses the dryer 3 times a day and you can see the savings on your bill! Thanx for your fantastic products and compliment for the improved shipping service: this time the products arrived in a flash! To the next purchase!

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