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Say goodbye to plastic scrubbers for good with the SuperBee eco loofah body scrubbers.

This 2 reusable scrubber is made from biodegradable and 100% natural loofah, a plant from the gourd family whose soft but strong fibers are perfect to gently exfoliate your skin without icky chemical stuff, but also help keep your bathroom a plastic-free zone.

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All about our natural body scrubber

Whether you’re transforming your home into a zero-waste haven or looking for a non-toxic, plastic-free beauty routine, our shower and bathing loofah body scrubbers will replace plastic loofahs and shower sponges with this all-natural scrubber, which removes dead skin cells and exfoliates the skin in the shower.

Just combine with your favorite eco-friendly soap and this body scrubber will keep your skin very soft and clean. After use, leave it to dry, cleaning them with bleach or a vinegar solution (or boil wash).

Not only will this sustainable scrubber leave your skin soft and clean, it’s also fully biodegradable. After three to four months of use, it’ll be ready to go back into the ground: just pop it into your composting bin and watch nature work her magic.

Our sets of 2 Shower & Bathing Loofah Body Scrubbers are made from natural Thai loofah and GOTS certified organic cotton leftover from our wax wrap production.

Moreover, they’re hand-made in collaboration with the One Sky Foundation, an NGO supporting Burmese refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border, so your purchase makes an impact reaching far beyond your bathroom.

The loofah might have found fame in the bathroom, but its sponge-like texture and coarse surface make it the perfect kitchen companion, too. Have also a look on our Kitchen Loofah.

Key features

  • Pack contains three loofahs measuring 9cm in diameter each
  • 100% natural and chemical-free
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free
  • BPA-free

Made from

  • 100% natural loofah
  • Back of loofah made from 100% organic cotton

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