“The Other Mothers”

Yoga Mum

We share our journey through motherhood,
mostly winging it, with no idea.
Sisters fighting for the right of our Mother Earth,
on a mission to raise green kids;
aware of nature;
it’s beauty and up-most importance to protect it for their future.
Teaching them to grow food and how to serve others in need.
Teaching compassion.
Teaching independence.
From the handing down of clothes,
To the listening ear that we sometimes just need, to let it all out!

We share our wisdom and our worries,
Stories of poo and pee, birth and labour,
You name it,
if it came out of a hole we can discuss it!
We share our breastfeeding stories, trouble with tweens and OMG teens,
We love each other, even when our grey roots are showing and even if we complain about our husbands snoring for the 20th time this month.
We listen.

Dont snob the other mothers at the school pick up,
No matter where they came from, what they wear, drive, or do,
At the end of the day, they are all, just like you too.
Sisters mostly winging it with no idea,
Hoping that their kids will not make a scene or pull some kids hair or swear out loud, FUCK, in front of the principal – yes that happened to me once.
Hoping like all the “Other Mothers” that their kid will find a fun friend, who has a fun Other Mother too.

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