What makes a leader?

Our first meeting for 2018 included a brainstorming session with our team. The question was asked:

What makes a leader?

The answers were:

  • Works Hard
  • Focussed
  • Open-minded
  • Good Role Model
  • Jaiyen (lovely Thai word that means someone who does not react too quickly and that stays cool in most situations)
  • Responsible
  • Proactive/enthusiastic
  • Open to change
  • Flexible

AS we grow, the current team will be leaders and we want the love and kindness and safe and friendly work environment to continue. We had a lovely discussion about how it will be if the company grows and how it will feel for them to be leaders and to show new employees the way of SuperBee.

Here is a picture of the board:


As the owner and leader of the pack, I believe my important role is to empower my team and help them to reach their full potential.
Many of our workers came from under paid and poor working conditions and we are so happy to provide this happy and healthy and fair workplace for them through your sales of our sustainable and eco friendly product, SuperBee Wax Wraps.

Khun EEd shows me every Monday how her wages are slowly building a house for her family and it is a pleasure to see the confidence grow in each and everyone of the SuperBee staff. Our products are awesome because of their dedication to their work and the great work environment they experience here, as well as receiving 20-50% more than the living wage declared by the Fair Trade association. When we write on our packaging ‘ MADE WITH LOVE ‘ we mean it. 🙂

I believe that providing an eco friendly product is not enough.
Not only should business owners strive to create products that are healthy, but also provide fair working conditions to those who make them.
When you buy your next product – please try and think about who made it and how they were treated.
Chiang Mai is swarming with human rights activists with dark stories to tell from working conditions in South East Asia, and so they are happy to visit us here at the SuperBee Hive, as we feel we are a great example of how it could be done.
We could not do it without the support of our customers and through sales.
SO,please purchase from us your SuperBee bees wax wraps and support our local community.
Please write to us and tell us of any stores that might stock us on their shelves or purchase here

The SuperBee Team wishes all a bee-autiful and prosperous 2018 xxx

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