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Recent articles about us [June 10, 2020]
洗って繰り返し使えるエコラップ。【VOGUEエディターの #ChangeChallenge 】 (PDF) [March 24, 2020]
ลด ละ เลิก ขยะพลาสติก เวิร์คช็อปกับกรีนพีซเป็นมิตรรักษ์โลก (PDF)

The production process of SuperBee items is ethical and sustainable [March 11, 2020]
Eco Entrepreneurs (PDF)

ห่ออาหารแบบรักษ์โลก : The Green Diary [July 20, 2019] [June 13, 2019]
Keeping Food Safe and Fresh with Eco-Friendly Wax Wraps (PDF)

SuperWoman launched SuperBee - Blutopia in Thailand [April 6, 2019]

Con Superbee ¡ya tienes una alternativa ecológica! [February 13, 2019]
Iniciativas sostenibles (PDF) [December 3, 2018]
Greenpeace: ไขผึ้งห่ออาหารแทนพลาสติก (PDF) [October 16, 2018]
SuperBee Wax Wraps: ให้ธรรมชาติโอบกอดอาหารของคุณ (PDF) [October 9, 2018]
Bee Wax Wrap als Tüte (PDF)

I fell IN LOVE with SuperBee Wax Wraps and they have seriously changed my life. [September 14, 2018]
How to make your kitchen Eco Friendly (PDF)

She founded the company in her quest for work that was more meaningful!

Citylife Chiang Mai (Magazin) [July 1, 2018]
The New Scene is Green - 2018 Issue 07 (PDF) [April 3, 2018]
Duurzaam en milieuvriendelijk verpakken en bewaren met SUPERBEE WRAPS (PDF) [March 28, 2018]
​ 7 แบรนด์ ECO สุดชิค ที่ไม่ได้มีดี...แค่รักษ์โลก (PDF) [March 13, 2018]
Frischaltefolie ade (PDF)

Chao (Japanese Magazin) [March 10, 2018]
Chao 3/2018 (PDF)

You name it, she's done it. [February 22, 2018]
Bee Kitchen Conscious (PDF)

Rezepte mit Herz (German Magazin) [February 18, 2018]
Für die (Ö)korrekte 2/2018 (PDF)

freundin (German Magazine) [December 27, 2017]
freundin 2/2018 (PDF) [December 11, 2017]
エコフレンドリーなラッピングペーパーSuperBeeの取り扱いをスタートしました (PDF)

These replace the need for Foil or Cling Wrap. Brilliant! [October 9, 2017]
Small Deed Zero Waste Food Storage (PDF) [October 5, 2017]
5 Ways to Store Leftovers Plastic Free (PDF) [September 28, 2017]
Beeswax Food Wraps (PDF)

on your way to a plastic-free household, the people behind SuperBee Wax Wraps has created an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap [September 12, 2017]
Pretty, Reusable Beeswax Wraps That Can Be Used To Store Almost Any Food (PDF)

Naturvetare (Swedish Magazine) [September 5, 2017]
Naturvetare NR 5 Spanar (PDF)

Nachhaltig in der Küche mit SuperBee Wax Wraps [July 22, 2017]
Nachhaltig in der Küche mit SuperBee Wax Wraps mit Verlosung (PDF) [July 11, 2017]
SUPERBEE Wax Wraps coup de coeur écolo (PDF)

The Creation of Plastic Free Food Storage Business in Thailand with Guest Antoinette Jackson [July 8, 2018] [May 11, 2017]
Bee Wax Wraping (PDF) [May 4, 2017]
Wax Wraps lalternative naturelle pour remplacer le film alimentaire en plastique (PDF) [May 4, 2017]
Le wax wrap lemballage réutilisable bon pour la planète (PDF) [April 17, 2017]
Plastifist kjøkken 20 (PDF) [April 02, 2017]
Zero Waste Kitchen Solutions from SuperBee (PDF) [April 1, 2017]
Auf der Suche nach einer Alternative zur Frischhaltefolie (PDF)

Bangkok Post (Magazine) [March 1, 2017]
Keep it fresh and cute! (PDF)

I have to admit, I used to use plastic cling wrap a lot. [February 17, 2017]
Ditch the Plastic Store It with Wax Wraps (PDF) [December 29, 2016]
Biene statt Plastik die Alternative zu Frischhaltefolie (PDF)

I was impressed by the product and heart warming business story [November 20, 2016]
No more plastic wraps in your kitchen (PDF)