Ugly Wraps – Limited Stock


9 Mixed design Wax Wraps, selected for you by SuperBee

Handmade from: 100% Organic GOTS certified Cotton, Beeswax, Tree Resin, Organic Coconut Oil

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Have you heard of the “Ugly Fruit Campaign”? A University of Edinburgh study found up to 50 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables grown in Europe were discarded because they were deemed to ugly to sell on supermarket shelves. This is despite them still having the same nutritional value and taste than their “prettier” counterparts.

As with nature, and because we make our SuperBee Wax Wraps by hand, we sometimes find some aesthetic blemishes in our wraps. These blemishes have no impact on the quality or performance of the wrap whatsoever. But we do understand that no one wants to pay full price for a wrap that is not perfect, but we hate waste. So we have come up with a range of wraps that you can buy at a heavily discounted price, but are still fully functional and equal in performance to our full price wraps. They are just our “Ugly Fruit”.

As we try to limit the amount of these blemishes through our quality control we do not have a constant and equal stock of varying designs, therefore stock will be randomly selected from designs we have on hand.

Customer Reviews

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Rick Vandenhole
Works for me!!!

I had heard off and on about BeesWax wraps for a while, but finally took the plunge and ordered the Ugly Wraps from SuperBee. I couldn't be more happy with them! They work really well for covering containers in the fridge and wrapping up leftover tortillas, etc.

I am so grateful to continue to find such wonderful ways to reduce the use of plastic in our kitchen.

3 WAX Wraps

Interesting product. I hadn't heard of it before. Just picked up a three pak from a local supermarket today. Read some reviews and will give them a try. I'll let you know how they worked out for me once I've tried them.

Sirikun Rattanapotisuwan

Your products have a good quality. I’m very happy to wrap my food. 👍👍👍

Love these wraps!

Not ugly at all 😍 I would say beautifull and funny looking wraps. Hole family loves to use these. No more plastic. 👍🏻

Kate Y
Pretty wraps, not ugly at all!

A great deal for a whole bunch of pretty, colorful wraps which are perfectly functional. Can hardly see any flaws with most of them, probably a couple of tiny aesthetic marks / misprints on a handful of them which does not bother me at all. Am a repeat customer, and will not hesitate to buy again once this set has gotten its good run.

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