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Handcrafted Coconut Bowls

Beeswax Wrap Combo
Francesca Cherchi


Bamboo Tumbler
karan yazdani

Bamboo Tumbler

Rachel Lim
A Win for Mother Earth

Love these Hexawash bags! I am always looking for simple solutions with minimal impact to our waterways! This is a brilliant solution! Clean laundry shouldn’t smell!! If I feel having an natural scent to my clothes I use my Lavender essential oil linen mist spray. This way I know I am only breathing in the best and not off gassing chemicals like commercial laundry detergents.

Rebecca O.
Ökologisches Wäsche waschen

Ich hab länger nach Magnesiumwaschmittel gesucht und bin hier fündig geworden.
Erst war ich skeptisch. Doch die Wäsche kommt wirklich sauber aus der Maschine.
Es hat zwar keinen besonderen Geruch, aber das kann man ja sicher anders lösen.

Prickly Pear Beeswax Wrap Set
ศิรินันท์ กิตติเวทางค์

เป็น wrap ที่มีประโยชน์มาก ลดการใช้พลาสติก แนะนำให้แม่บ้านยุคใหม่ใช้ค่ะ

Beeswax Wrap Combo
Jani Laamanen
More small sizes

Nice package, but would like a combo with more ”beginner sets” and smaller sizes instead of big size wraps.

Jungle Waxed Food Bag Set

Jungle Waxed Food Bag Set

Beeswax Wrap Roll
Sarah Colarich
Never recieved.

received got my order and they want a review???

Zig Zag Beeswax Wrap Set
Andrea Quintas

Zig Zag Beeswax Wrap Set

Liduina Beckers
Lovely product

Lovely product! Just a shame I still had to pay import duty despite the claim that these were not applicable!

DIY Beeswax Wrap Drops
有岐 内村

DIY Beeswax Wrap Drops

Surprise Family Set
Vorasiri Kunaphalert
Great products

Great quality, Reusable and Good for environment. Now, I have a packaging choice beside of plastics.

Really shorten the drying time and save energy

We can notice the shorter drying cycle right away. Such a great way to save energy. Highly recommend.

Happiness in washing

We are very eco-friendly family. Have been using other organic/eco friendly detergent prior but now in love with hexawash. I was skeptic at the beginning but after read all the reviews I decided to give it a try. The cloths are clean and no soapy water to go to our reservoir. As it's natural product, it's great for people with allergy too. Beat all my expectations and highly recommend for every family. A little note, it's a change from using normal detergent that the cloth has no smell (no bad smell either) and no soap. We double checked several times at the beginning but they are all clean.

Great product ~

Have tried a few different brands of toothpaste tabs and these are the winning tabs! Love the taste, texture, foam, and clean-feeling teeth.
The shipping took a little longer than expected but was well worth the wait. Love this product ~

Kitchen Cleaning Cloth

The brown towel is a bit too thick, it takes a longer time to dry up.


I have been using Dentos tabs for 3 months now and I couldn't be more satisfied! You just need to chew it for some seconds and as soon as you put the toothbrush in, the foam starts expanding. It feel very fresh in the mouth and my teeth look and feel way cleaner than with traditional toothpastes. I love love love it and will keep buying it!

Ugly wrap bag

I love the wrap bags ... not ugly at all. Worth the price and help me kept the veg and fruits fresh .

Very happy customer

As a father of three boys, the washing machine is running almost constantly. We like the neutral, fresh smell. Everything got clean as usual so far.

Easy to use

Its a great DIY project. Abit pricey in regards to shipping but over its cheaper than buying the premade ones in the market. Though the blog said less is more but I realised that I needed to use slightly more to get the coverage, stickiness I needed to ensure the wrap will prevent any leakage. I highly recommend covering your ironing board with baking paper before starting. I feel the individual drops just gets the fuse out of grating bars and you can easily redo areas by adding a drop of the wax on desired area.

Former sceptic, now enthusiast

I think most were sceptical about the hexawash, as it is not soap. But right after the first try, I was convinced. The laundry smelt 'fresh' and clean. You still need to adjust your washing if you have stains (we have a little one), but that's OK for us. Also, me and my daughter have sensitive skin and also for this it works perfectly. Other than that, you have to immediatly take out the laundry after it's done, otherwise the 'freshness' will go to damp soon. But, all in all, we are happy with this product!

Surprise Family Set
Yvonne Grasman
Wow zo handig!

Geen aluminiumfolie meer maar HexaWax!!! Het is zo gemakkelijk schoon te maken en weer te gebruiken. Leuke printjes gewoon top! Ga zeker meer bestellen.

Beeginner Sets
Il faut que tout le monde achete ça

Wow. Ils sont magnifiques. Très pratique

Beeginner Sets
Nice idea, but not perfect

These are intended to be used to cover leftover dishes where you might normally use plastic cling wrap or aluminum foil. They are slightly tacky from the wax, but not enough to hold well to the sides of a dish like cling wrap. They do hold a shape, but not as well as aluminum foil. So you end up with something in-between that's Earth-friendly and all-natural, but doesn't quite work as well as traditional options.

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