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Feels good

Like the idea that my toothbrush willl breakdown when I’m finished with it instead of sitting in a landfill for 500+ years. The bristles are just right. Not too soft, not to hard.

Excellent product

Not only is it convenient but less toothpaste tubes in the landfill; that's the major reason I switched. The bonus is I like the tabs.

Thank you, Nancy, for taking time to try our Dentos Toothpaste Tabs and leave your review! We are so pleased that you enjoy using them, and we appreciate that you are taking action to avoid plastic waste! Best wishes from Team SuperBee!

clean mouth clean earth

I'm all about eco-friendly products that are useful. I've been using dental tabs for about 2 years, and found your product is also helping with sustainable jobs for people who need them. Win Win. I like that these tabs foam up too.

Thank you so much for your review, Melissa! We appreciate you trying Dentos and choosing sustainable products. And thank you for appreciating the social work we also do, and recognizing the power of your purchase to help others! Have a wonderful day!

They're great

My teeth feel clean, and I love the cardboard packaging

Thank you, Emily, for trying our Dentos Eco Toothpaste Tabs, and for leaving your kind review!

Beeswax Wrap Roll
Joy Heintz

I have not used it as of yet. Quite confused about what to do with it. I looked up uses on the internet...some women sewed bags, some just use small pieces to wrap a piece of intent when I bought it was to use it as a wrap for my sourdough bread....but I would have to make a bag for it...considered sending it back....just don't know what to do with it.

Hi Joy, the beeswax roll is designed like a roll of plastic wrap, where you cut it to the sizes you need. You can use the wraps to cover bowls and plates of food, wrap sandwiches and half cut vegetables and fruits, make snack pouches, wrap loaves of bread, small jars or tupperware containers that are missing the lid, etc. You don't need to sew a bag to wrap bread - the wax wrap sticks to itself, so you can cover it just as you would with plastic/saran wrap. The product page shows how to use it and you can also follow this video for wrapping bread: Please let us know if you have any more questions about how to use it! Kind regards, Team SuperBee

Dentos-A New Way of Thinking!

I had never heard of dental toothpaste tablets until I saw someone’s vlog on FaceBook. This person details her evening ritual and pops one in her mouth and away she goes with brushing. How convenient for travel as well as minimum waste with packaging. Fantastic idea!

Thank you so much, Allison! We're so glad you heard about our Dentos toothpaste tabs, and tried them! They are excellent for travel, and can go in your carry-on bag, too, because there are no liquids to worry about. Thank you for taking the time to leave your kind review and recommend Dentos to others, we appreciate it!


I couldn't find my toothbrush (I went on a trip and put it in a different bag when I left) so I have only used it once but... Oh how I love the softness but not too soft that my teeth dont get clean but soft enough that I can brush my gums to get popcorn or anything that might be stuck. I'm just so pleased and will definitely buy again! I love the big pack! I have already given them out as gifts!

Thank you so much for your review of our bamboo toothbrushes! We're so glad you like the softness of the bristles and thank you for sharing SuperBee eco-goods as gifts! If you haven't already tried our Dentos Toothpaste tabs, you're going to love the ease and convenience of traveling without the plastic tube, or worrying about liquids in your carry-on bag! Kind regards from Team SuperBee

Great product

Great product.easy to maintain,easy to use.i totally recommend it.

Thank you so much for your kind review, Ieva! Thank you for trying our lovely beeswax wraps, and we are so glad they have filled your needs. Have a great day!

Dentos - Oral Care Travel Kit
Marianne Bremer Kuehner
My first order

You have very good products.
I like them very much and I use them everyday- the concept is great. I started 3 years ago and know I got eco kitchen roll ( I was thinking to do myself) and much more products for me and to give away. Thank you very much and always good luck.

Thank you so much, Marianne! We are so pleased you chose our sustainable products, including our lovely eco dental travel kit, and we wish you many wonderful plastic-free adventures with it! Thank you for your support and for being with us for 3 years. Best wishes from Team SuperBee!


Super fast delivery, nice workmanship and I’ve already tried it out, I’m thrilled.

Hi Ulrike! Thank you for leaving such a nice review for our Hexawash organic laundry detergent substitute. We're so glad to hear that you had a great experience with your order and that you're already satisfied with the results. We also love that you appreciate the workmanship, the Team is very proud of their handmade creations! Thank you for supporting SuperBee, and best wishes from The Team. Happy washing!

Free Hexawash - promotion
Kitty Woo
Review Superbee product

It’s great! Earthly & save the earth with less harmful material!

Thank you Kitty for your kind review and for trying our Hexawash! We're so glad you tried and loved our eco-laundry soap alternative.

Love this

The waxed food savers are wonderful and easy to use. I use the sandwich wrap every day.

The laundry detergent is amazing. I cannot believe this is not mainstream technology. Seriously. Why would anyone use anything else. My clothes are clean and sent free.

Thank you so much, Isabelle, for your positive review! We are thrilled to hear that you are loving our Eco Laundry Kit and that the waxed food bags are easy to use. We agree that our laundry detergent is amazing and we are proud to offer eco-friendly and effective products. Thank you for choosing our products and for supporting our mission to reduce waste and bee more sustainable in our homes. Happy laundry day!

Sandwich Wrap - Free Over US$50
Maggie Selvan
Ugly is the new pretty

Been seeing the wraps on social media for awhile and finally decided to try it out. Prices for the ugly ones were way cheaper than “pretty”and thought, why not? NO REGRETS! They did not seem to have any flaws and still work. Some of their prints were so cute that I don’t even bear to use them. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase! Thank you!

Thank you so much Maggie for giving the Ugly Wraps the love that they deserve! They are indeed an excellent product, and a beautiful way to replace plastic and save money! Our staff put as much love into these handmade beauties as all our wraps, and they are delighted when we share reviews like yours with them! Thank you for your kindness and for supporting SuperBee!

Waxed Food Bag Set of 3 - Buy 1, Get 3 Sets
Victoria Steyn
Excellent Product

This is our second time buying SuperBee, the products are so well made and such excellent value. They last and do a really good job of keeping things fresh and sealed. We have used them almost daily and couldn’t imagine not having them. We do not buy cling wrap anymore and that makes us Happy 😊.
The ease of ordering, speedy and efficient delivery and great aftercare is why we will always choose Super Bee 🐝 thank you to the great Team!

Thank you so much, Victoria! We are so delighted to hear your happy review, and absolutely buzzed to hear that you no longer think of using or buying plastic wrap in your kitchen! The Team loved to hear your review, and are so pleased that their hard work is appreciated and helping our planet. Thank you for supporting SuperBee and sharing us with your friends and family.

Good quality

Thank you so much for reviewing our beeswax wraps! We appreciate your time. Kind regards from the Team!

Eco laundry kit works

As an M.C.S sufferer my Wife can’t use detergents that have fragrance or chemical smells so this kit is a god send. It washes pretty well and leaves no smell on the washing. In fact she’s had new clothes for months that she couldn’t wear since buying them which she’s now able to wear by using this amazing little pouch.

Dear Paul, we are so thrilled to hear that the Hexawash can help you and your wife in this way! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review for us, we appreciate your time and kind words! And thank you for the new product suggestion, it's a great idea!

Bee’s Knees

These wraps are fantastic. Such amazing products!

Thank you so much, Rachel! We are so glad that you love our beeswax wrap roll, our Team puts their heart into our handmade goods, and they will be thrilled to hear your kind words. They really are the Bees Knees! We love that you used that expression and will use it in our marketing 🙂 Thank you from Team SuperBee


I got a wax paper beginner’s set as a present from a friend and loved it. It’s really practical and the design is beautiful. Ordered all my Christmas presents for this year via SuperBee!

Thank you so much, Lisa! We're delighted that you're delighted with our beeswax wraps, and we appreciate your support. Best wishes from the Team!

Beeswax Wrap Roll
Denise Tomecko
Soap wraps

I use these for wrapping my shampoo bars - beautiful!

Kitchen Roll

Very good and very usable in the kitchen. I just ordered more.

Brought some back to the USA as a gift, now my family/friends won't let me stop

I've been using SuperBee wraps for several years, and loved them. I thought they would make good gifts too, so I brought some back to the USA for family/friends. They all really loved them too, and now expect more every time I visit. (I suspect that some of them are being regifted since the wraps do last a couple of years.) A beautiful, fairly inexpensive way to really cut down on plastic!

Thank you so much, Cheryl! We are so glad you love our beeswax wraps and thank you for sharing them with friends and family, and introducing more people to easy eco-living! They do make great gifts, and are designed to last for up to 2 years with daily use! Best wishes from the Team!


All are very good and nice design.

Thank you so much, Prisca! We're so glad you love our loofah sponges, they're such a handy, natural replacement for plastic, and handmade with love by the women of our social enterprise partners, One Sky Foundation! Best wishes from the Team!

Hexawash Laundry Pouch

This is my second order. Its been 6 months since my first order.The clothes smell clean and fresh although theres no scent. Saves water too! the best part is the pouch can be used as fertilizer after its use.

Fantastic! Thank you so much, Sharifah, for taking the time to review the Hexawash, and we're so glad you love it! It's such a clever sustainable way to reduce plastic and water pollution! There is no scent because it destroys odors, and if you would like a little scent in your clean laundry (as we do, too!) you can add this as part of the drying process - a few drops of essential oils on wool dryer balls in your dryer, or in a small spray bottle as they hang up to dry. Best wishes from Team SuperBee!

Great Products!

I love the wool dryer balls!

Thank you so much, Lily! We're glad you love the dryer balls, such a great zero-waste alternative the the disposable sheets, and chemical-free! They also reduce your drying time, so if you haven't yet, you can set it for a shorter cycle! Best wishes from the Team.

Waxed Food Bag Set of 3 - Buy 1, Get 3 Sets
Pansy Yau
Recycle & reuse

Like the green concept and practical use

Thank you so much, Pansy! We're so glad you like the waxed bags, there are so many ways to use them, and they avoid so much waste! If you haven't discovered this yet, they work great and save space in the freezer. Best wishes from Team SuperBee.


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