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Surprise Family Set

Beeswax Wrap Combo
Dominga Rodriguez
So Happy!

Love everything I've ordered and the wonderful extra gifts. I especially enjoyed the free toothpaste gift. I will definitely order more once I've ran out of my current toothpaste. I love the beeswax wraps and started using them right away. I used half a banana for my daughter's smoothie, wrapped it and about a week later used the other half of the banana for her lunch, there was a bit of browning on the cut end but it still taste just fine. Also enjoy my kitchen loofah and mesh bags for grocery shopping. Thank you for your products. I will buy again.

Eco Laundry Kit
Manuela Passarella
Good kit - mai più senza (NEVERMORE WITHOUT)

I love this kit! I already know the power of exawash, and already use wool ball. These ones are larger than mine and I think that that improve the capacity to avoid the folds. I had 1 big bag in plastic material, and I would like to replace it with another natural bag. Natural bags are in different size so I can put small things in the small one without filling the washing machine with bag!!!!! I also gave a kit to my friend who did not know any product and was happy with everything! Especially the balls, because she uses the dryer 3 times a day and you can see the savings on your bill! Thanx for your fantastic products and compliment for the improved shipping service: this time the products arrived in a flash! To the next purchase!

Dentos - Eco Toothpaste Tabs
Werinkarn Sobsatrasorn
Awesome toothpaste tabs!

My 10 years old look forward to brush his teeth every time because is fun and his teeth feel super clean!

Super !

This is an simple way to reduce plastic and not polluting water when doing my laundry. Small step to 0 waste.
Nice product with cool design. Love it !

Surprise Family Set
Yersan Chen
Cool and convenience

I find the products very convenient to use and clean up. Plus, I feel good that zero plastic is used everytime I have to wrap up the left over food.

Surprise Family Set
Sasithron Maeteewurakul

easy to use and also send the love to this world with eco products 🙂

I like the product. But hope you would have more patterns than current to choose from.

Powerful combo with toothsoap

Fresh and cleans thoroughly.
Many similar products taste boring, but this one is very good.
I feel it cleans.
Since my 1st purchase, I keep buying these !


I love the glass container and the fact it comes with 2 extra rolls!

Beeswax Wraps “Beeginner” Set

Beeswax Wraps “Beeginner” Set

Classical Waxed Food Bag Set


I really like them compared to Bamboo and Metal Straws. They feel so much cleaner.


What an awesome product. Its fully superior compared to the yellow plastic sponges.

They are soft

As soon as you add water to them they get really spongy and soft. Love them!

Works great!

I love them because they are very gentle to my skin and I can protect the enviroment!

Medium Waxed Food Bag
Kalaisha Watrous
Love it!

Love it! Would buy again!

Idayu h


Waxed Food Bags are great!

I've used the waxed sheets before, and these are good for those situations when it's hard to bend the sheets all the way around the food. Easy to wash.

Beeswax Bar
Lori Waschak
A little goes a long way!

Give me a cloth large enough and I could wax wrap the whole world! This bar is going to last a loooooong time!

Surprise Family Set
Andrea White

Very pleased

Works for me!!!

I had heard off and on about BeesWax wraps for a while, but finally took the plunge and ordered the Ugly Wraps from SuperBee. I couldn't be more happy with them! They work really well for covering containers in the fridge and wrapping up leftover tortillas, etc.

I am so grateful to continue to find such wonderful ways to reduce the use of plastic in our kitchen.

Best tablets tried

After a little wandering and a few tries, I've found these tablets. Minty, nice consistency, eco packaging. Well done!

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