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Waxed Food Bag M
Kalaisha Watrous
Love it!

Love it! Would buy again!

Idayu h


Waxed Food Bags are great!

I've used the waxed sheets before, and these are good for those situations when it's hard to bend the sheets all the way around the food. Easy to wash.

A little goes a long way!

Give me a cloth large enough and I could wax wrap the whole world! This bar is going to last a loooooong time!

Surprise Family Set
Andrea White

Very pleased

Works for me!!!

I had heard off and on about BeesWax wraps for a while, but finally took the plunge and ordered the Ugly Wraps from SuperBee. I couldn't be more happy with them! They work really well for covering containers in the fridge and wrapping up leftover tortillas, etc.

I am so grateful to continue to find such wonderful ways to reduce the use of plastic in our kitchen.

Best tablets tried

After a little wandering and a few tries, I've found these tablets. Minty, nice consistency, eco packaging. Well done!

Works but expensive

I followed the video instructions and had no problems at all. However by the time I pay for shipping this costs more than just buying the premade ones. I did appreciate being able to use my own fabric and choose my own sizes though! And the product is very good, just quite expensive.

Structural part of my toothbrushing habits

Best fluorid-free toothpaste tabs, that I've discovered till so far.
I order these regularly and -win/win- support local communities at the same time.

Very fresh taste and one can feel, that your teeth become really clean.


Bought these specifically for a military field op. I put 2 tablets in my pocket each morning and brushed when I had time. They were so convenient. They taste great and foam up just like tubes paste. At one point I had indigestion pretty bad from an MRE and ate one of the tablets. The ingredients are minimal and natural and I already knew baking soda neutralizes the acid burn. After eating the tablet the heartburn was gone within seconds. I will definitely buy these again!


They are strong...and gets rid of bad breath.....

Great idea. Not the best clean

I love this concept. They’re great for traveling. But do not clean at the same level of traditional toothpaste.

Decent but hurts my teeth

I wouldn’t consider my teeth to be sensitive, I eat all the meat plus more if you know what I mean, but each time I use these tablets they make my teeth ache a bit. Nothing crazy just aware of slight pain it causes…maybe I’m too aggressive with my chewing? Overall a great product, decent taste, foams once I start brushing.

I’ve did the change

Looking for ways to live more echo friendly at first the taste is off because it’s something your not use to but after a few days of consistency you will get use to it I brush twice a day the whitening part my teeth are pretty white already but keeps your mouth fresh

Weird taste but not the worst

I’ve tried every single toothpaste tab out there and while these are no where near the worst I won’t be repurchasing because of the taste and because it didn’t clean as well as some of the others.

Dentos - Eco Toothpaste Tabs
Marybeth McDonald
eco friendly

works great without plastic

Goodbye paste, hello tabs

Love this. from now on I will be buying this product.

Handcrafted Coconut Bowls

Beeswax Wrap Combo
Francesca Cherchi


Bamboo Tumbler
karan yazdani

Bamboo Tumbler

Excellent! Almost zero waste

I love toothpaste tabs. They take a little bit of getting used to, but it is nice to not be adding toothpaste tubes to the landfill and these are awesome for traveling.

Good product

Foams well. Good taste. Feels fresh.

Dentos - Eco Toothpaste Tabs
Courtney L. Rohan
Great product

I appreciate this product for many reasons, though it is hard to spend 15$ on toothpaste, so I just use it to travel now. At first I was using it everyday. But with my coffee and tea consumption, my teeth didn’t seem to be getting as white as other toothpastes.

Rachel Lim
A Win for Mother Earth

Love these Hexawash bags! I am always looking for simple solutions with minimal impact to our waterways! This is a brilliant solution! Clean laundry shouldn’t smell!! If I feel having an natural scent to my clothes I use my Lavender essential oil linen mist spray. This way I know I am only breathing in the best and not off gassing chemicals like commercial laundry detergents.

Rebecca O.
Ökologisches Wäsche waschen

Ich hab länger nach Magnesiumwaschmittel gesucht und bin hier fündig geworden.
Erst war ich skeptisch. Doch die Wäsche kommt wirklich sauber aus der Maschine.
Es hat zwar keinen besonderen Geruch, aber das kann man ja sicher anders lösen.

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