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Fair Trade

All of our products are organic and handcrafted by artisans in Northern Thailand

Because they’re made in small batches using locally-sourced materials, all our products have a low carbon footprint


We already work as a wholesaler with 100 companies across the globe to deliver high-quality, environmentally conscious products

Sell SuperBee’s Eco-friendly Wholesale Products in Your Store

As a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler, we already work with a large network of over 100 companies in the USA, UK, EU and beyond who sell our ethical, sustainable and downright bee-autiful products in their stores. We’re on a mission to give customers the tools to make smart choices: whether that’s breaking up with single-use plastic, starting on their zero-waste journey or simply being a little kinder to the planet. 

All of our products are organic and handcrafted with love by our artisans across northern Thailand, where we operate as a social enterprise. One of our biggest goals is to support female empowerment by providing job opportunities to women from local communities. But these aren’t just run-of-the-mill jobs. No: we pay 20% more than the living wage suggested by the Fair Trade Association, register all staff for social security with healthcare and other benefits and ensure that our employees have plenty of time to spend with their families as they work significantly shorter hours than the standard 48-hour week. 

At SuperBee, we’re also committed to supporting local businesses and keeping our carbon footprint tiny. Having found fantastic local suppliers, we can guarantee that our products are 100% ethically and locally sourced, meaning they have a low carbon footprint and are helping to bring business and investment to low-income parts of Thailand. 

Whether you’re buzzed about the quality of our beautifully handmade sustainable products or keen to support a social enterprise that’s having a positive environmental and social impact in Thailand and beyond, we’d love for you to join the hive. Our wholesalers are more than just customers – you’re our friends and allies in the fight against single-use plastic.

Become a SuperBee Wholesale Partner

Our Eco-Friendly Wholesale Products

SuperBee beeswax wraps are our first and signature product, developed when our founder Antoinette Jackson was seeking ways to replace single-use plastic in her home with a sustainable and truly environmentally-friendly alternative. 

Because we source all of our products locally, we can vouch 100% for the credentials of our suppliers as both eco-friendly companies and fair employers. For example, the beeswax for our wholesale beeswax wraps comes from beekeepers located within just a 10- to 50-kilometer radius of our workshop outside Chiang Mai, while our GOTS-certified cotton is also bought from suppliers in Northern Thailand. As a result, we can guarantee that all of our beeswax products are ethically sourced and have as small a carbon footprint as is possible. 

After the success of our trademark beeswax wraps and bags, our complete range of eco-friendly products for the home was born. We want to help your customers switch to cleaning products and day-to-day items that aren’t just good for their homes, but for the environment too. 

Our mesh produce bags and eco-friendly, organic cotton tote bags are just the tip of the iceberg; we love our brightly colored reusable kitchen towels, natural dish scrubbers, handcrafted coconut bowls and easy-to-clean reusable glass straws. In the laundry room, our Hexawash (an innovative organic laundry detergent substitute) and wool dryer balls are working hard to make sure every wash is as green as possible. And, with our GOTS-organic cotton rounds, bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free toothpaste tablets and silky, biodegradable dental floss, we’ve got the bathroom covered, too.
All of our zero-waste products are available to buy in bulk using our dedicated wholesale website. You’ll need to register as a supplier before you can get started, but from there it’s clear sailing: place and pay for your order directly online. We’ll do the rest.

Become a SuperBee Wholesale Partner

How Does Our Wholesale Process Work?


Register to become a supplier and browse our full range of wholesale products; you’ll need to be logged in to see wholesale prices. Remember, the bigger your order, the larger the margin, with margins of up to 64% available. 


Place and pay for your order directly on the SuperBee wholesale website. Spend over $2,000 to be eligible for free, express shipping using our reliable delivery partner. 


Make use of our bee-autiful marketing materials, including product imagery and videos, shelf talkers and samples. They’ll get your customers excited and itching to buy SuperBee’s sustainable, plastic-free products and gifts!  


Grab a coffee and relax. Your order will be with you pronto!

Become a SuperBee Wholesale Partner

Wholesale FAQs

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our minimum order is $200 USD. 

How long does shipping take?

Our orders are sent out with express air freight shipping, DAP, which takes a minimum of three days. Shipping times do depend on your location, so please speak to your account manager if you need a clearer estimate of shipping timescales. If you would like to discuss other shipping options please contact your account manager.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free for orders over $2,000 USD. For orders below $2,000 USD, the shipping costs will be calculated at checkout according to your location. We work hard with our logistics partner to give you the best rates possible. 

Can SuperBee products be customized? 

Yes, they can! Head over to our page about product customization to learn more. 

Do you use plastic in your packaging when shipping?

No! SuperBee is a proud single-use plastic-free company! All of our packaging materials are recyclable; we send orders in cardboard packaging using paper tape.

Got more Questions? Consult Our BeECOconsciou FAQ Page


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