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SuperBee goes beyond creating earth-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste products. We aim for a positive impact on the planet by helping you to reduce your plastic usage with beeswax wraps that replace wasteful plastic cling wrap. It's for this reason we created our signature beeswax food wraps – designed to cover everything from leftovers to sandwiches, homemade bread, and fruit and vegetables. Each beeswax wrap can be cleaned with mild dish soap and is also fully home-compostable when it finally runs out of steam.

We've also taken it further, innovating beeswax cotton bags that are ideal for storing your sandwiches and raw meat, as well as extra-large beeswax wraps that are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, cloth, parchment paper or plastic bread bags. You can even make your own wraps to keep food fresh using our DIY beeswax wrap kits.

Our beeswax food wraps are a return to traditional, non-plastic and zero-waste food storage that is crafted to last and last. These reusable wraps are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and a proprietary blend of sustainably harvested, pesticide-free beeswax pellets, organic coconut oil and pine tree resin throughout. They're built to replace cling wrap and keep your food and leftovers fresh for up to two years if looked after properly and can even go in the freezer for longer-term sustainable food storage.

What's more, every purchase you make directly supports the communities we work with in rural towns and villages across Thailand. Store food sustainably and always have fresh food with SuperBee's wide range of beeswax wrap options.

By investing in a set of these beeswax food wraps, not only are you keeping food fresh and avoiding plastic wrap waste, but you're also doing your part to save our environment and support communities around the world!

Beeswax Wrap vs. Plastic Wrap

Should you replace your trusty plastic wrap with a beeswax wrap? Definitely.

While we might seem a bit biased, the beeswax wrap is far superior to plastic wrap. Even though most of our moms plastic for wrapping our sandwiches. But how did the whole bee's wrap thing get started with plastic sandwich wrap? And when did we recognize the need for reusable replacements for disposable wraps and bags?

Plastic Wrap: An Era Before Beeswax Wrap Options

In 1949, Dow Chemical introduced commercial plastic wrap, a convenience that quickly found its way into millions of American households. Plastic wrap was ideal for regular use and used to store everything, from fruits to sandwiches and cheese

Fast forward to today, and a staggering 5.3 million Americans annually consume 10 or more rolls of this ubiquitous single-use plastic. That's a lot of plastic wrap, and the environmental consequences are substantial.

Unlike other brands of reusable options for storing produce and keeping raw meat fresh in the fridge, you cannot reuse plastic cling wrap. Perhaps if used to cover baked goods, however, the plastic waste generated has encouraged the creation of other wraps.

Recent studies reveal the extent of our plastic wrap usage, with over 80 million Americans using at least one roll in just six months. An additional 5 million Americans went through a whopping 10 million rolls in the same period. With each roll averaging 75 feet, this results in a mind-boggling 6.75 billion feet of plastic wrap making its way to landfills every half year.

Beeswax Wraps: Wrap, Cover and Reuse

Enter beeswax wraps, an eco-friendly alternative. These wraps, made from organic cotton infused with beeswax pellets, tree resin, and jojoba oil, offer an impressive solution. They have a lifespan of up to a year, significantly longer than their plastic counterparts.

Imagine if all those 85 million Americans mentioned earlier made the switch to beeswax wraps. By the end of the year, they would have diverted a colossal 13.5 billion feet of plastic wrap from our landfills.

The appeal of beeswax wraps goes beyond their sustainability. Caring for them is a breeze – simply wash them with gentle soap and cool water when necessary, then let them air dry. Once dry, they're ready to be used again, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

The plastic wrap industry produces a staggering 3 million tons of plastic wrap annually, much of which is challenging to recycle and often ends up in landfills or incinerators. This, in turn, releases toxic dioxin into the environment. Plastic wrap also plays a role in the plastic crisis affecting our oceans, where it not only contributes to pollution but also attracts harmful chemicals and metals that are ingested by marine life.

In a world where sustainability is paramount, making the switch from plastic wrap to beeswax wraps can make a significant difference. It's a small change in our daily habits that can collectively lead to a brighter, cleaner future for our planet.

Creative Uses for Wax Food Wraps

Wax wraps are not just versatile food storage solutions; they can be your eco-friendly, multipurpose companions in various aspects of your daily life. Let's explore some creative and unexpected ways to make the most of these sustainable wraps:

1. Wrapping Sandwiches

Besides keeping sandwiches fresh, SuperBee wax wraps are perfect for wrapping lunchtime heroes. Whether you're heading to work or a picnic, they secure your favorite fillings while eliminating the need for disposable plastic bags.

2. Covering Bowls

Say goodbye to plastic wrap for good! SuperBee wax wraps can effectively cover bowls of different sizes. The natural adhesive properties ensure a snug fit, sealing in freshness.

3. Preserving Freshness

Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by using SuperBee wax wraps. Wrap halves of avocados, citrus, or onions to keep them fresh longer. They're also great for covering half-used cans of pet food.

4. Crafting a Cheese Vault

Cheese aficionados, rejoice! SuperBee's wrap options maintain the ideal cheese environment. Wrap your favorite cheese in them to maintain its texture and flavor. No more drying out in the fridge!

5. Encasing Herbs and Greens

Store herbs, lettuce, or spinach in wax wraps. They maintain the greens' crispness and prevent wilting, reducing food waste. Ultimately, this encourages you to save on food costs while increasing food enjoyment!

6. Custom Food Pouches

Get creative with your bee's wraps by folding them into pouches. These pouches are perfect for packing snacks, nuts, or trail mix for on-the-go munching. This is virtually impossible with parchment paper!

7. Keeping Baked Goods Fresh

Wax wraps are ideal for covering fresh-baked goods like muffins or bread. They protect against drying out while retaining the natural aroma.

8. Wrapping Soap Bars

Wax wraps aren't just for edibles. Wrap your favorite soap bars in them to keep them dry and extend their lifespan. The fabric alone won't keep your soap bars fresh long-term!

9. Sealing Wine Bottles

Got an open bottle of wine? Use a natural wax wrap to create an airtight seal around the bottleneck, preserving the wine's flavor and aroma.

10. DIY Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

Make your gifts even more special by using natural wax wraps as eco-friendly gift wrap. Not only is it visually appealing, but it's also a gift in itself, as recipients can reuse the wrap.

11. Travel Companion

Bee's wrap is the perfect travel companion. Use them to keep toiletries contained or protect delicate items in your luggage.

12. Emergency Bandage

In a pinch, a bee's wrap can double as a clean bandage for small cuts or blisters when you're outdoors.

13. Plant Protector

Shield your young plants from pests and harsh weather conditions by creating makeshift plant jackets with a bee's wrap.

These innovative uses showcase the versatility of a bee's wrap, making it indispensable in your kitchen and daily life. Beyond reducing plastic waste, they offer sustainable solutions for countless everyday needs.

Beeswax Wraps FAQ

How long does beeswax wrap last for?

A beeswax wrap made with tree resin and jojoba oil should last for a year. These wraps only require mild soap and cool water for cleaning. Keep in mind, hot water can lessen the life of pine resin in your bee's wrap, which is why we recommend using room temperature or cold water.

What are the disadvantages of beeswax wraps?

One disadvantage of beeswax wraps is that they're not as sturdy as glass containers and not as long-lasting as plastic bags. However, this is also a big issue with plastic bags as they tend to last in landfills for quite some time. Thus, if you need to store food sustainably and cover bowls with a tight seal, beeswax wraps are ideal; at least if you prefer to avoid contributing to plastic waste.

What is the purpose of a beeswax wrap?

A beeswax wrap has lots of use cases; whether you need a tight seal to cover bowls or want to replace parchment paper with a breathable seal you can hand wash, with proper care (a quick wash for a few seconds with soapy water), you'll have an aesthetically pleasing durable wax wrap to preserve your sandwich, produce, cheese, etc.

Are beeswax wraps meant to be sticky?

Yes, beeswax wraps are meant to be sticky. This allows them to stick to more than fabric alone. Whether wrapping a bowl full of freshly cut produce or an open pack of lunch meat for the fridge, this sticky wax wrapping option will stick to fabric and the bowl you're sealing with a quick fold.

What are the pros and cons of beeswax wraps?

Beeswax wraps are the sticky fabric that keeps fruits and raw meat fresh with ease. The lightweight fabric material paired with wax allows it to stick and hang onto a bowl without issue. Also, the soft fabric texture encourages you to pack your food fresh and increase leftover longevity in just a few seconds. You'll be pleasantly surprised by all that this wax wrap can do. However, even though these wraps can cover bowls with ease, exposure to heat or warm water has the potential to melt away the sticky wax sealant.

How hygienic are beeswax wraps?

Beeswax offers natural antibacterial properties that make it perfect for use with fabric as a bee's wrap. If your bee's wrap ever gets dirty, simply clean it with mild soap and cold water to bring it back to life. Avoid using mild soap and hot water as the bee's wrap is likely to melt a bit, diminishing its strength and longevity in the process.

How should beeswax wraps feel?

Beeswax wraps should feel slightly tacky and pliable when warm. When you press or fold them between your hands, they should adhere to themselves and form a seal when wrapped around food or containers.

Why does my beeswax wrap leave residue?

Beeswax wraps may melt and leave a residue if they are exposed to excessive heat, as the wax can melt and leave a sticky residue behind. To prevent this, avoid using them with hot foods or in the microwave.

When should you throw out beeswax wraps?

You should consider throwing out beeswax food wraps when they become excessively worn, torn, or lose their stickiness. Typically, they can last up to a year or more with proper care, but if they no longer function effectively, it's time for a replacement.

How do you activate beeswax wraps?

To activate beeswax food wraps, simply warm them with the heat of your hands by rubbing or pressing them. This softens the wax and makes the wrap more pliable, allowing it to adhere to containers or food items for a secure seal.

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