All you need to know about Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Workshop

Every wrap sold promotes female empowerment and provides employment opportunities in rural areas

More than 15.000 happy customers

Our beeswax wraps last up to two years with proper care

We pay 20% more than the living wage suggested by the Fair Trade Association

Produced from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, pure beeswax, organic coconut oil, and tree resin

Made in the mountains of Chiang Mai under happy and healthy conditions

How do you use beeswax wraps?

Unpack it!

Get them ready!

Wrap it!

Wrap it!

Use it!

Use it!

Wash it!

Wash it!

Re-use it!

Re-use it!

Simply use your hands to fold a wrap over your food or container and seal with gentle pressure. The warmth of your hands will form a tight seal. Wrap half an onion, half a watermelon or freshly baked sourdough bread to keep your food fresh, while avoiding plastic.

Wrap a bar of soap for travel or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Wax wraps are fine and proven for cheese, but avoid wrapping meat or egg in them as you can not wash them hot.

Beeswax is a natural antibacterial agent, while the coconut oil and tree resin make our wraps sticky so they shape to your food.

SuperBee wax wraps offer an eco friendly alternative to plastic. A replacement for plastic wrap and plastic containers, SuperBee wax wraps can be used as plastic-free food storage for leftovers and snacks.

Not only are SuperBee wax wraps great for food storage, but they also help you organize items found through your home. Our beeswax wraps come in four sizes to accommodate items big and small (and you can buy them in a handy beeswax wrap set, too).

How to wash beeswax wraps

To wash beeswax wraps, rinse the wrap with cool or lukewarm water and dish soap. You can use a cloth or sponge to wipe them down like you would do with your dishes, then rinse off.

DO NOT use hot water to wash the wraps. Hot water will melt the beeswax which is going to ruin your wrap. Don’t worry you can fix it. We have made a video for you in case that happened.

How to dry beeswax wraps

Once washed, the beeswax wraps need to air dry. We have a small clothing line in our kitchen to hang the wraps, but you can simply drape them over other drying dishes or even your faucet to dry.  

You don’t need to wring out the wrap. Store with your tea towels in a dry place; or, save the packaging for an easy way to keep your wraps organized.

Our products are

Fun and High quality
Eco Warrior products
No plastic - 1 year guarantee
With Love
Made with love
Nothern Thailand
Support Women Empowerment
Global Organic Textile Standard
Organic textile
Natural ingredients
Gots certified
Worldwide Shipping
Shipped Worldwide
Free 30-day returns
Free shipping over US$60.00

We have FCM, FDA, BPA FREE, and GMP certification. Our beeswax is sustainably harvested from local farmers, without the use of chemicals.

Our suppliers follow GMP and GPA guidelines and some are GOTS and OTOP certified.

We make beeswax wraps from 100% organic certified cotton, beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin, and love.

We have five sizes to fit your needs

beeswax wraps sizes

Small 20 cm x 20 cm (8 in x 8 in)

Medium 26 cm x 26 cm (10 in x 10 in)

Large 33 cm x 33 cm (13 in x 13 in)

XXL 40 cm x 50 cm (16 in x 20 in)

Roll 33 cm x 90 cm (13 in x 35.5 in)

Did you know?

Plastic Wrap

The average family uses 6 rolls of plastic a year.

Save Money

At an average of $5 per roll, this adds up to at least $30 a year!

Beeswax Wraps

Buy a beeswax wrap set instead. Save money & the planet!

Watch this video for more tips and tricks

Featured Beeswax Wraps & Eco-Products

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Sandwich Wrap – International Women’s Day – Limited Edition
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14 toothpaste tabs
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Reusable Glass Straws
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Kitchen Luffa – Natural Dish Scrubbers
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Beeswax Wraps Set in Classical Design
Beeswax Wraps “Beeginner” Set – Pack of 3 wraps
Sustainable reusable Coconut Bowls
Handcrafted Coconut Bowls set of 2
Loofah body scrub
Eco Shower Loofah Body Scrubbers 2-pack
SAVE 20%
Eco toothbrushes and dentos tabs
Sustainable Family Dental Set
SAVE 20%
Beeswax Wrap Combo
Beeswax Wrap Combo
Wax Wrap roll
Beeswax Wrap Roll
SAVE 30%
Eco Kitchen roll with box
Eco Kitchen Roll
Reusable Patchwork Tote Bag
Patchwork Tote Bag
Hexawash eco laundry detergent
Hexawash – Organic Laundry Detergent Substitute
Dentos toothpaste tabs
Dentos – Eco Toothpaste Tabs
DIY Beeswax Wraps per mixed Wax Solution
Beeswax Bar

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