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Beeswax wraps are an reusable alternative to plastic wrap.
Change your habits now!

See our range to save the planet

“If you care about your food 
you should care what you wrap it in!”

Beeswax Wraps in use

Beeswax wraps

Food safe & antibacterial

Plastic-free & ethical

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Ugly Wraps – Limited Stock
Ugly Wraps – Limited Stock

USD$ 12.00USD$ 35.99

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Beeswax Wrap Mixture
Beeswax Wrap Mixture

USD$ 11.80

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Waxed Baggees
Waxed Baggees

USD$ 10.00USD$ 20.00

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Beeginner Set
Beeginner Set

USD$ 20.00

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  • Loving the colour, function, freshness and sustainability of these! Pizza toppings are prepped and my fridge looks great!

    Kelly Parson, Australia

  • This is a great product. Very moldable for any forms and solid. A nice companion in the kitchen for a long time!

    Agathe, France

  • Brought out the big bee wrap tonight to cover the left over sliced watermelon. Love these! Thank you SuperBee.

    Lauren Gabell‎, Australia

  • Hey, we cracked a water melon yesterday and wrapped the leftovers in a beeswrap. Still beautiful and tasty!

    Sara Foley, Australia

  • Love these wax wraps to cover my leftovers and wrap the sandwiches for my kids lunch! Pretty patterns. Love it!

    Maria Magdalena Ahumada Infante, Australia

Zero Waste Tips


Beeginner Set

Not sure what to do...
Have a look at our Bestseller!

Beeswax Wrap Starter Set

"Wrap it, Wash it, Re-use it."

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