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Beeswax wraps are a reusable alternative to plastic wrap.
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USD$ 50.00

A magical laundry solution that totally replaces detergent. This magnesium filled hexagonal pouch removes stains and odours brilliantly and can be used for more 300 washes. No measuring or pouring, just chuck her in with your dirty clothes for truly amazing results.

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Surprise Family Set

Surprise Family Set

USD$ 50.00

Set of 9 reusable, eco-friendly Wax Wraps, ideal for a family of four or more. The surprise is in the fabric designs you receive.
Sample tin of 14 SuperBee DENTOS Eco Toothpaste tabs, a chew-able alternative to toothpaste.

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Wax Food Bags Set

Wax Food Bags Set

USD$ 45.00

This set of 3 wax bags are as versatile as they are popular. Use them to store bread, pastries or keep salad fresh in the crisper. Great for packed lunches or transporting salads to a friends’ house. They even make the perfect toilet bag or make-up bag when travelling.

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“If you care about your food 
you should care what you wrap it in!”

Beeswax Wraps in use

Beeswax wraps

Food safe & antibacterial

Plastic-free & ethical

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Beeginner Set

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Beeswax Wrap Starter Set

"Wrap it, Wash it, Re-use it."

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