Waxed Food Bags for Kids Packed Lunches

Waxed Food Bags with Bread and Nuts inside

Here at SuperBee, we create beautiful, practical eco-products that make your lives easier, so you don’t feel the need to return to a plastic-filled life!

We’re constantly thinking about ways to free homes  from single-use plastic. Our versatile Waxed Food Bags or Beeswax Bags were born out of this brainstorming process. Now that we see them in use, it’s parents making those inevitable daily school lunches that may well thank us the most for them!

Available in small (22 x 22cm), medium (27 x 27cm) and large (34 x 34cm), Waxed Food Bags replace sandwich bags, plastic produce bags and ziplock bags, all of which contribute to the single-use plastic problem.

When preparing kids packed lunches , you want to be sure that your food storage container is just as healthy as the nutritious food you are sending your little treasures to school with.

Studies have shown that some lunch food storage boxes made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl may contain lead or phthalates. Even more horrifying, lunch boxes and bottles that are exposed to heat can leach chemicals out of the plastic and into the food they are protecting.

Waxed Food Bags or Beeswax Bags offer a solution to this problem; made from 100% Organic GOTS Certified Cotton, Beeswax, Tree Resin and Organic Coconut Oil, there simply are no nasties to end up in your food. Choose from fun and funky designs.  What pre-schooler wouldn’t like to have dinosaurs or whales on their lunch-bag?

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5 Reasons to use Waxed Food Bags for Packed Lunches

Easy to use and quick to seal

They’re so simple to use that even young kids can open and close them, no problem!  They also seal fast – just roll or fold over the top a couple of times and the warmth of your hands will create a seal.

Keep food fresh for longer

Beeswax Wraps vs. Plastic Wrap

Our special beeswax mixture is designed to create an antibacterial, breathable, water resistant surface that mimics the skin of a piece of fruit or the crust of a loaf of bread.

This means that food doesn’t go brown or stale in our bags and they will actually extend the life of many food items.


We don’t just want to make products that work well, we also make things that look gorgeous too.  Be the envy of your friends at your next picnic, with designs to suit a wide range of tastes and ages.

Space saving

When your kids have finished their lunches they can fold their Wax Food Bags up and pop them into their school bag and, unlike plastic boxes, they won’t take up much space.  This also means that when you travel you can take a couple with you, because you never know when they might come in handy, without using up precious suitcase space.

Long lasting

Unlike plastic bags you won’t be throwing them away, adding to landfills.  Just like our famous Beeswax Paper these Bags are washable and reusable for well over a year. Simply wash with cool or warm (but not hot) water and gentle dish soap and leave to dry on the dish rack. Depending on what you’ve been storing in them you can turn them inside out before washing to reach all the corners easily.

So why not try Waxed Food Bags for your kids’ packed lunches and make your kids’ food even healthier, while helping reduce the number of throwaway plastics on the planet. At SuperBee we believe that every little bit helps! If you don’t pack lunches in them, we guarantee they will come in handy for food storage.

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