Hexawash is an eco-friendly laundry product, that uses magnesium, not chemicals to clean clothes. Throw this miraculous little pouch into the washing machine with dirty clothes and set to your normal wash cycle. Voila, fresh, clean clothes!

The very best bit is that it lasts for an incredible 300 washes!

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Inside every GOTS organic cotton Hexawash pouch is 120 grams of magnesium. To make sure our product is as sustainable as possible we use off-cuts from our Wax Wraps to make the pouches, and don’t use any plastic in the packaging.

Each Hexawash can be used approximately 300 times and even after that you can keep using your old Hexawash along with the new one, or reuse it as fertilizer in your garden .

Simply place the Hexawash in your washing machine drum and wash your clothes as usual. You can skip the rinse cycle as there’s no detergent residue to rinse away. Allowing the Hexawash to soak first can improve the cleaning process, so if your machine has a soak function, use it before washing.

Customer Reviews

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Happiness in washing

We are very eco-friendly family. Have been using other organic/eco friendly detergent prior but now in love with hexawash. I was skeptic at the beginning but after read all the reviews I decided to give it a try. The cloths are clean and no soapy water to go to our reservoir. As it's natural product, it's great for people with allergy too. Beat all my expectations and highly recommend for every family. A little note, it's a change from using normal detergent that the cloth has no smell (no bad smell either) and no soap. We double checked several times at the beginning but they are all clean.

Very happy customer

As a father of three boys, the washing machine is running almost constantly. We like the neutral, fresh smell. Everything got clean as usual so far.

Former sceptic, now enthusiast

I think most were sceptical about the hexawash, as it is not soap. But right after the first try, I was convinced. The laundry smelt 'fresh' and clean. You still need to adjust your washing if you have stains (we have a little one), but that's OK for us. Also, me and my daughter have sensitive skin and also for this it works perfectly. Other than that, you have to immediatly take out the laundry after it's done, otherwise the 'freshness' will go to damp soon. But, all in all, we are happy with this product!

Rebecca McIntosh
Happy with normal wash

Happy with using this so far in my normal washes, everything coming out clean and smelling nice. I trialled it once on towels and found it made them a bit too stiff (but I do usually use a wool wash for towels so will continue using that). Very happy overall, love not having to think about buying washing powder!

Hexawash really does what it says

I was sceptical about the ability of this item to handle heavier loads but it has so far been great and really cleaned my clothes, bedding and towels. It comes well presented in good recyclable packaging and is well made and easy to use. I am saving with the water and time used on my washing machine, as well as not having to shop for detergents and softeners which is not only money saving but just good economical sense.
I have sent 3 more to family in South Africa who have sensitive skin allergies and they are very excited to be able to use this product.

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