Ebony & Indigo

…live together in perfect harmony, especially when it comes to our special edition hand-dyed indigo and ebony sets!

Handmade with love from start to finish, our indigo and ebony beeswax wraps are the product of a long friendship and a fruitful partnership between two of Chiang Mai’s eco-conscious, women-led brands.

At SuperBee, we’re always looking for ways to expand and improve our product range, so when the opportunity came up to partner with Studio Naenna, known worldwide for their gorgeous naturally-dyed, hand-woven textiles, we jumped at the chance.

Indigo Strings

But let’s go back to the bee-gining…

A bee-autiful friendship

SuperBee founder Antoinette was looking for something special to wear for her wedding, and with her creativity and love for all things handmade, something off the rack was never going to cut it. Fortunately, she met Lamorna of Studio Naenna, who helped her to design and create the dress of her dreams.

Antoinette SuperBee
larmona studio naenna

Both passionate about nature, the environment and supporting women, the connection between Antoinette and Lamorna blossomed into more than just a friendship, becoming a fruitful partnership over the years as both developed their ethical enterprises.

Mission-led businesses

As fans of SuperBee know already, beyond just selling eco-friendly beeswax wraps and household products, we are committed to empowering women and supporting families. That’s why we pay our hardworking team 20% more than the living wage recommended by the Fair Trade Foundation and actively promote a loving, ethical and safe work environment at The Beehive. Beyond this, we also share profits and products with like-minded organisations both in Chiang Mai, Thailand (where we’re based) and around the world.

Founded by Lamorna’s mother, Patricia – a lover of and expert in Lao Tai textiles – Studio Naenna was similarly created with an emphasis on supporting women while encouraging traditional hand-weaving practices and a return to natural, long-lasting fabrics. Studio Naenna has created a unique system of working that gives women weavers fair-trade returns for their skills as well as the freedom to plan their time to participate in village activities, thus preserving their traditional culture and communities. Lamorna has taken this programmed to the next level and turned Studio Naenna into a reputable brand in sustainable fashion. (Check out their clothing and accessories here – they are bee-autiful!)

Natural ebony and indigo beeswax wraps

Ebony dyed cotton

We’re always pushing the envelope of creativity and ways in which to make our products more sustainably-produced and environmentally friendly, so partnering with Studio Naenna on an exclusive line of beeswax wraps based on their gorgeous hand-dyed textiles was a no brainer.

The beautiful blue colour comes from indigo, a flower which has long been used to give garments and textiles a distinctive, rich blue hue. For the brownish-black fabrics, we make a dye created with berries from the ebony tree using a technique long-practised in northern Thai culture.

Indigo dyeing process

Both the indigo and ebony are hand-harvested and soaked to create a natural dye. In fact, the dye is so natural and non-toxic that it can just be tossed into the garden after we’re done using it! (You can see a glimpse of this process here.)

We then use the dye to tie-dye 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, which we turn into our reusable beeswax wraps.

Indigo pattern process
Indigo dyed cotton

Created with love and care by two of Chiang Mai’s most ambitious ethical brands, we hope you love these beeswax wraps as much as we do! They’re available exclusively as a Beeginner Set in our online shop and at the Studio Naenna shop on Nimmanhaemin Soi 1 in Chiang Mai.

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