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What is B Corp Certification and why does it matter


What is B Corp Certification? 

SuperBee is proud to announce that we have achieved B Corp Certification, joining a global community of ethical businesses that prioritize people and planet over profit. 

This certification is a big deal as it verifies our commitment to high standards of social and environmental impact, and marks our official recognition as a purpose-driven organization. Our mission to do business as a force for good is now official, legal, and verified.

B-Corp certified

Why Being a B Corp Matters

Being a B Corp means we are part of a movement that is changing the way the world defines and experiences business – we’re creating an economy that is inclusive and sustainable for people and planet. It means we commit to continue to assess and improve our business to match the needs of the world around us, and everyone in it.

B-Corp infographic

Our B Corp Journey

Since our very first beeswax wrap 7 years ago in Antoinette’s kitchen, to the global eco-store that we are today, we have always existed for the good of others, to protect the environment, and to create sustainable living solutions that will benefit our customers, our communities, and future generations. 

SuperBee was successfully certified as a B Corp in April 2023, after a rigorous evaluation of our mission, values, and how well we measured up to our own high standards of social and environmental improvement.

Our mission to rid the world of plastic waste, to educate others on how to live sustainably, and to empower women and communities was put to the highest scrutiny. It’s a rigorous process that took 2 years to ensure that we walk the talk, and are committed to continuously improving how we do business for the future of our existence. 

B-Corp certified

How do we do it? 

Here are some of the ways SuperBee is committed to doing business as a force for good: 

Environmental stewardship – We design and operate with a purpose to protect and improve the world around us. We innovate solutions to pollution and create eco products that will stop plastic waste and help consumers move towards a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. 

Empowerment – Empowerment is a core value, and we are committed to promoting women’s empowerment, creating employment in rural areas, and enforcing labor laws in Thailand. We pay 20% more than the living wage suggested by the Fair Trade Association to ensure ethical business practices. We also encourage our employees to live a greener lifestyle by providing them with tools and information to reduce plastic use.

Partners – Conscious partnerships are important to us, and we only collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses who share our values and care about the future of our children and the planet. We select partners who have the courage to do business by following their own minds and hearts, not the norms that have already created so much destruction, and instead prioritize ethical business practices.

Family – We are a family run business that lives our values of integration, connection, awareness, intention, and practice. We provide a safe and supportive working environment that especially helps families and single parents through family-friendly working hours and conditions.

Sharing – We are committed to sharing our profits and products with projects that promote love and kindness to our planet and its people, and we support other ethical businesses through social media. We also offer microfinancing projects for our employees and their families to help create financial stability and better educational opportunities.

B Corp Certification matters because it verifies our commitment to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ethical business practices, environmental stewardship, social impact, stakeholder engagement, transparency, accountability, and using business as a force for good. 

We are proud to be a B Corp and will continue to prioritize people and planet over profit.

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