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SuperBee Donations: Making a Difference Together

SuperBee is donating to cats dogs and elephants

We’re Donating to Cats, Dogs, And Elephants!

We’re thrilled to share an exciting new initiative: our Pay-It-Forward Donations!

We’re more than just bee lovers over here – we bee-lieve that all life matters, from the tiniest ball of fluffy kitten delight dumped beside the road, to the playful pup that wanders the street looking for scraps, to the mighty and majestic elephants that are losing their health and habitats to human neglect.So in addition to our work empowering women, and as a B Corp protecting our planet from plastics, we are now donating 15% of our website sales to 3 lovely local organizations that care for animals!

Meet Our Partners in Compassion

Adopt Meow Foundation Logo
WVS Care for Dogs Thailand Logo
Friends of the Asian Elephant Logo

We chose three local foundations and NGOs that are doing fantastic work to protect and support animals in need:

  1. Adopt Meow: Rescuing and caring for cats and kittens
  2. WVS Care for Dogs: Rescuing abandoned dogs and improving animal welfare in the country
  3. Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation:  The world’s first elephant hospital, caring for sick & injured Elephants 

We chose each organization for its mission, values, and demonstrated compassion in action to protect the vulnerable members of our community in Northern Thailand.

Who are they?

Let’s meet the foundations that are doing outstanding work to help animals:

Adopt Meow

Adopt Meow rescue kitten

Thanks to Adopt Meow, the unwanted cats and kittens of Chiang Mai have a safe haven, access to medical care, and a bright future!

 Adopt Meow provides emergency medical care and vaccinations, and runs a successful sterilization program for rescued and stray cats. Their shelter and satellite foster homes provide a safe space for cats and kittens to get the medical attention and socialization they need, with dedicated maternity suites for pregnant females.

Under the loving care of founders Liz Purdue and Lek Rampang Puangping, every cat and kitten gets the care they need before finding a loving forever home.

We love Adopt Meow and we’re so grateful for their compassionate work in our community. So we’ve designed a new beeswax wrap in their honor! Check MeOwt here and get your donation on the way to our animal friends! We also care about pet health, and keeping plastic off pet food, check out our nifty solution for canned cat food storage!

WVS Care for Dogs

WVS Care for Dogs rescue pup

Dogs simply make the world a better place, and WVS Care for Dogs knows it! This foundation makes a significant impact on the well-being of our four-legged friends! Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned and abused dogs, but they also work tirelessly to improve animal welfare across the country. 

Their initiatives include large-scale ABC (animal birth control) and vaccination projects, veterinary education via their fully integrated training center with intensive surgical training courses, and specialist seminars featuring international experts in other areas of veterinary medicine and public health.

We’re so grateful for their tireless efforts and the extensive impact of their work in our region!

In their honor, we’ve designed a delightful Dogs beeswax roll, it’s bow-WOW! Check it out here, and help us send donations on their way.

Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation

Mosha with prosthetic limb

Do you adore elephants, too?! For 3 decades, Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation (FAE) has been taking exceptional care of gentle giants in the region. FAE has the distinction of establishing the world’s first hospital which specialises in the care and treatment of elephants! These elephants have been injured by stepping on landmines, involved in traffic accidents, are suffering from an illness, or have been abused by humans. 

FAE is run by founder and renowned elephant conservationist Soraida Salwala, and we’re so thankful for the amazing work that FAE does and the systems they have put in place to keep elephants safe, nurture them back to health, and protect their future.

Star alert! Have you heard of Mosha? FAE’s star, and 1 of 5 permanent resident elephants, Mosha lost her leg after stepping on a landmine when she was 7. She has received loving care at FAE and is the first elephant to receive a prosthetic leg! She even inspired The Elephant Parade. 

You can start your first pay-it-forward donation with our elephant wax roll design! Check it out here and support this lovely organization.

How do Pay It Forward Donations work?

Here’s how our it works:

  • When you make any purchase on SuperBee.me, 15% will go towards supporting these 3 non-profits!
  • You’re not just buying eco-friendly products; you’re making a direct impact on the lives of animals in need.
  • At the end of each quarter, we’ll share updates on the contributions made and the positive changes your support has brought to these animals’ lives.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to join us on this journey of compassion and care. By choosing eco-friendly products from SuperBee you’re contributing to a brighter future for animals who deserve our love and protection.

Spread the Word

Join us to make a larger impact on the lives of all members of our community!

Please consider sharing our Pay-It-Forward Donations initiative with your friends and family. Together, we can create a ripple effect of kindness and compassion, and take care of more of our big Earth family.

Follow us on social media to see updates on the work being done by our partner non-profits and the impact your contributions are making!

Thank you for being a part of the SuperBee community. Your support means the world to us and to them: 🐱🐕🐘🐝


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