How Do You Measure the Value of Something?

How do you measure the value of the products you purchase? Do you just look for the best price?

Sometimes SuperBee Wax Wraps are more expensive than other beeswax wraps on the market. But their value shouldn’t be based on price alone.

We believe that, as conscious consumers, we need to look beyond the immediate monetary cost of products to determine their true value.

This includes considering the:

Economic value

Are the people who make the product paid fairly? Where do the profits go? How high quality are the raw materials?

One of our Workers is sewing a waxed food bag

Environmental value

How does the product affect the environment or use natural resources? How long can you reuse it?

Part of our team is visiting our beeswax supplier

Educational value

Does the product spark awareness, provide education or inspire? Does the company making the product share its knowledge and skills with others?

We are sharing our knowledge in workshops how to make your own beeswax wraps

Social & community value

Is the product made in fair working conditions? Are the workers given time off to spend with their families? Do they receive insurance? Are they supported to continue their education or learn new skills?

woman sorting and quality controlling beeswax wraps

There are a lot of questions to ask and conditions to consider when trying to be a conscious consumer but together we can make these questions more of a habit and encourage companies to be transparent about what lies behind their true, comprehensive value!

make change through the moeny you spend

At SuperBee we try to look at value from all angles, which means financially we may profit less than what’s possible, but in the end we have created a richer product ecosystem, richer relationships and richer benefits to our customers, team members and partners! (You can learn more about what we’re all about here.)

You have the power to make a change through the money you spend and support more sustainable products, business practices and social good with your wallet. We hope you keep the different values listed above in mind the next time you make a purchase and, as always, thank you for supporting SuperBee!

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