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Discover Eco-Inspiration: Meet Our Sustainable Partner, Livconsciously!

Reseller Spotlight LivConsciously

Part of our mission is to create community and support like-minded eco-conscious vendors who are making a positive impact. It’s the bee-autiful side of our business!

We love to spotlight our partners and vendors so that you can get to know them as real people and appreciate the hardworking, helpful, and inspiring humans behind the brands.

Meet Triana! She’s the fantastic founder of Livconsciously, a Singapore-based brand on a mission to create conscious choices, support initiatives that create social impact, and nurture a society of conscious consumers and producers.

Supatriana Triana LivConsciously

It’s an honorable mission and we are pleased to share Triana’s story as an entrepreneur in Singapore’s eco-goods scene. 

SuperBee: Triana, what’s your personal mission or life mantra that keeps you motivated and passionate about what you do?

Triana: My life mantra is to live a conscious life. Some or many of us have been told what to do all our lives and lead our lives based on society’s expectations. I believe that living a conscious life is about making deliberate actions in your choices and decisions based on your values and truths. This motivated me to create Livconsciously to encourage conscious actions towards a sustainable community and environment.

SuperBee: What’s the story of your brand, Livconsciously?

Triana: Livconsciously was born out of my personal journey and discovery through my studies, travels, work, and interaction with people. After more than 15 years of working in corporate organizations, I realized that I have not been making conscious choices. It triggered my decision to embark on this entrepreneurship journey to create an impact. 

Livconsciously was launched in October 2020 as a platform to support initiatives that create social impact. Our key aim is to nurture a society of conscious consumers and producers who protect the environment and vulnerable communities by providing:

  • Convenience through our e-commerce platform of initiatives that create social impact including protecting the environment, empowering vulnerable communities, and championing other social issues.
  • Knowledge through shared stories on conscious living, social, and environmental issues.
  • Action through raising funds and awareness on specific causes.

We create products focusing on your self-care and well-being like essential oil candles, room sprays, and soaps. We also showcase partner products ranging from eco-living, bags and accessories, home and living, coffee/tea merchandise, and jewelry.

Triana LivConsciously SuperBee Reseller

SuperBee: What is the inspiration behind Livconsciously?

Triana: My inspiration for Livconsciously came from recognising the key immediate issues that our earth is facing. First, environmental degradation is happening at a rapid pace with climate change and people, especially the poor, are the most affected and unfairly treated. Second, mass consumption of products adds to climate change and the exploitation of vulnerable communities. People are consuming products and lifestyles that are not socially conscious and eco-friendly. Third, social impact brands are competing with the bigger players on an unequal playing field and sometimes have to compromise on their causes.

SuperBee: What challenges do you face running a small, sustainable business, or with promoting sustainable products?

Triana: Reaching out to people, changing their mindsets, consumer behaviors and lifestyles, and allowing a multiplier effect of social impact creation remains challenging. However, this challenge motivates me even more as it is for a good cause and I believe that with time sustainable consumption will gain traction in Singapore and the world. As an entrepreneur, I know that this journey will have its fulfillment and setbacks. If discouraged, I will remind myself of my larger purpose and celebrate the small successes.

SuperBee: Why did you choose SuperBee products for your store?

Triana: SuperBee’s initiatives and objectives are very aligned with our causes. SuperBee supports sustainability and fair trade, and empowers female workers in rural Chiangmai. Their products are handmade by women for sustainable livelihoods. I love SuperBee’s wide range of eco-friendly products and how they create social impact by uplifting poverty and empowering women.

Triana LivConsciously eco store

SuperBee: Aw, thank you! What are your or your customers’ favorite SuperBee products?

Triana:   The Hexawash, Beeginner Set, and Eco-Makeup Remover pads are the top favorites.

SuperBee: Anything else you would like to share?

Triana:  I hope that people understand the larger purpose of Livconsciously. By supporting our initiatives and efforts, you are making conscious choices and supporting a multiplier effect of social impact creation which protects the environment and vulnerable communities. 

Support Triana’s journey by following Livconsciously on Instagram or Facebook, and checking out the Livconsciously Store!

Thank you for taking the time to learn Triana’s business story, and contact us if you’re ready to start yours! Interested in becoming a vendor of SuperBee products?

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