Why Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are so versatile

using a makeup remover pad

Reusable makeup remover pads are taking the beauty industry by storm. Why? Because they are an eco-friendly, versatile, cost-saving alternative to disposable cotton pads. It’s hard to justify using a makeup remover round just once and then throwing them away, when it’s perfectly possible to wash them and use them many times over.

If we are going to change our habits to help protect the planet, then we need to reassess every aspect of our convenient lifestyle. It’s time to challenge ourselves to replace aspects of our daily routine, that involves single-use, disposable solutions.

Just as we consciously shift towards natural beauty products, we see an equally welcomed shift of late, towards a more natural outward appearance. Grey hair is on trend (possibly thanks to COVID), natural looking selfie shots are on trend (hallelujah!), inner rather than outer beauty appears to be on trend (about time!). Let’s all breathe a huge sigh of relief and embrace the ‘au naturel’ look for as long as possible!

Pairing a more natural beauty regime with organic, natural beauty products seems very much like pairing fish with chips, cheese with biscuits or pasta with pesto. You get my point, they somehow go hand in glove.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should be using reusable makeup remover pads, the different ways they can be used and how best to look after them.

What’s wrong with cotton makeup remover pads anyway?

Disposable cotton rounds and face wipes are a leading contributor to the huge volume of waste produced by the beauty industry each year. When they don’t end up languishing in landfill, they get washed out into our waterways and oceans, impacting the sea life around them. Either way, disposable cotton pads fail to decompose for an extremely long time.

But it’s not all just about the environment, did you know that?

Preservatives are used to keep some facial wipes bacteria-free? These preservatives can irritate sensitive skin and are the reason our face sometimes stings when we use them.

How versatile are Reusable Makeup Remover Pads?

Eco Makeup Remover Pads Meadow

If you thought that makeup remover pads were purely for cleaning your face of makeup, then think again.

If like me, you rarely wear makeup, then reusable makeup remover pads are perfect for cleansing and toning your face.

Fun fact, pollution causes premature aging!

It makes sense therefore to spend some time each night cleaning your face properly to remove the layer of pollution that has built up during the day.

A natural and hassle-free way of maintaining your youthful looks.


Why organic cotton is best

Did you also know that traditional cotton cultivation uses loads of pesticides and the residue can end up on disposable cotton rounds, and then on your face?

With organic cotton rounds, you can be sure that no additional chemicals or nasties are being wiped across your face without your knowledge.

Tips for looking after your Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

How to wash Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

cleaning a makeup remover pad

We recommend placing your pads in a mesh laundry bag and washing them with a gentle detergent on a warm wash.

Avoid using fabric softener or bleach if you can.

Top tip, once washed, lie them out flat and leave them to dry naturally in the sun – the world’s very best natural bleaching agent!

What about getting rid of stains?

cleaning a makeup remover pad

Some makeup stains, such as mascara and lipstick can be quite tough to remove.

For best results, gently soak your pads in water before placing them in the washbag.

This will ensure that any stains are easier to remove when added to your wash cycle.

So, what are you waiting for, start using Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. Both your skin and the planet will thank you.

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