Beeswax Wrap Roll


Not sure what size Wax Wrap you want or need? Cut your own to size with the SuperBee Beeswax Wrap Roll.

Size: 33 x 90cm

Handmade from: Organic Cotton & Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Tree Resin

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The SuperBee Beeswax Wrap Roll is the most convenient way to get the right size of beeswax wraps in your kitchen. Measuring 33cm x 90cm (13in x 35.5in) you can cut the roll into whatever size you need, or use the whole roll to cover a giant dish.

Made from the same high quality materials as our famous Wax Wraps, you’ll love the practicality and versatility of this exciting new way to use beeswax wraps.

Cut to size to suit your needs or use the whole roll as a single giant Wrap for big trays and dishes. We recommend using either a craft knife and ruler or a pair of sharp scissors to cut.

SuperBee Wax Wraps are an eco-friendly, long-lasting alternative to plastic wrap. They easily cover food and dishes, forming a tight seal to keep your food fresh, clean and safe without any waste.

Our award-winning beeswax wraps are ethically handmade, sustainable, high quality and certified food safe. Plus, they’re antibacterial, washable, reusable and compostable.

Our Wraps are handmade from:

• 100% Organic GOTS certified cotton
• Beeswax
• Tree resin
• Organic coconut oil

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Lin Srichai

Beeswax Wraps “Beeginner” Set

Sorapa Panyamang

Beeswax Wraps “Beeginner” Set

Andrea White

Very pleased

ศิรินันท์ กิตติเวทางค์

เป็น wrap ที่มีประโยชน์มาก ลดการใช้พลาสติก แนะนำให้แม่บ้านยุคใหม่ใช้ค่ะ

Sarah Colarich
Never recieved.

received got my order and they want a review???

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