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SuperBee’s Favourite Eco-Friendly Instagrammers

Girl holding Beeswax Wraps from Superbee Wax Wraps

On our journey to living a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle, it’s always helpful to see what others are doing to cut down on waste.

We love following the eco-friendly and zero-waste Instagram accounts below for their useful tips, inspirational messages and, of course, cool photos. The Instagrammers are spread across the world, sharing in different languages and focusing on different aspects of zero waste living – there are even a couple other zero-waste shops where we find even more inventive, natural and sustainable products to add to our personal zero-waste arsenal.

Get ready to be inspired. (And don’t forget to follow @superbeewaxwraps on Instagram while you’re at it!)

Eco with Em

Emily’s intelligent illustrations share so many helpful details and facts about sustainable living, from cutting down on single-use plastic products to how to use specific products or even leftovers myriad ways, all with a dash of humour.

Going Zero Waste

We appreciate how Kathryn is incredibly inspirational yet realistic about her zero waste journey. It’s impossible to live a truly zero waste life in today’s world and she is honest about not being “perfect” while still providing a hopeful outlook for the future.

Wasteland Rebel

Shia has literally written the book on zero waste living…in English, German and Chinese no less!  Her account, along with her blog, is full of sustainable living tips and tutorials from making zero waste kimchi to going without shampoo.

Lily Fairly

Based in Paris, Melanie shares green living products, tips and more in French. And beautiful photos to boot!

Waste Free Planet

This super active account reposts sourced tips and posts from around the interwebs.

Ethically Kate

Simply put, fast fashion is terrible for the environment. New Zealand-based Kate sheds light on making more informed, sustainable clothing choices while not forgoing style.

Waste Not Want

Naomi’s beautiful account about minimal living on Australia’s Sunshine Coast makes us want to try more homemade.

Zero Waste Guy

We see a lot of women in the zero waste living space so were pleased to come across Jonathan’s account. He’s a zero waste project manager in Los Angeles – how cool!

Less Waste for Whales

Based in Thailand, this account regularly shares clear, actionable tips and local suggestions for where to shop plastic-free and how to live a more sustainable life in Thailand. In a country where small purchases often get placed into multiple plastic bags, it’s heartening to see people promoting different ways of living.

Zero Waste Chef

Food and eating are often where people can drastically cut down on their single-use plastic consumption. Anne-Marie has three rules for her kitchen: no packaging, no processed food, no trash.

Kale in the Clouds

A Seattle-based flight attendant, Rosie shares healthy eats and ways to limit your amount of plastic and waste while flying by thinking ahead and preparing your own food.

Sustain Yo’self

College students from the midwest, Geevie & Sophia share a ton of low impact living tips.

Babel Eco Shop

Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia – and one of our lovely customers! – the small, dedicated team behind Babel Eco Shop share so much more about zero-waste living than just the sustainable products they sell. When it comes to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, they truly walk the walk while also providing access to sustainable goods in a region where plastic still reigns supreme.

We’re always on the look-out for more inspiring eco-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste Instagram accounts to follow! Let us know your favourites in the comments below or share them with us (@superbeewaxwraps) directly in Instagram! 


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