What We Are About

SuperBee Team

Our company name is BeeConscious Co Ltd.

We are manufacturing in the mountains of Northern Thailand, about one hour from the city of Chiang Mai.

Our brand is SuperBee – saving the earth from plastic

Our product – Wax Wraps. A plastic alternative for the kitchen, kids and for travelers.

We don’t just make innovative and bee-autiful products that replace plastic in your home and on the move, saving our planet each wrap at a time.

We also

  • promote women empowerment, create employment in rural areas and enforce the labor laws of Thailand, paying 20% more than the living wage suggested by the Fair Trade Association.
  • promote a loving, ethical and safe work environment in our workshop.
  • partner with like-minded people who care about the future of our children and this planet. Who have the courage to do business in a way created by their own minds and hearts, not by the norms that have already created so much destruction.
  • support family and mothers and fathers, their children and the community and this is what gives SuperBee so much joy. Integration, Connection, Awareness, Intention and Practice.
  • practice a high standard of quality through our processes, equipment and intentions. When we say on the package that the product is handmade with love – we really mean it.

Our Team

Elle – Operations Manager

Elle is the only city girl on the team. She is my right-hand gal who speaks great English and helps me communicate when my Thai brain isn’t functioning(which is often).
I appreciate her riding up the mountain everyday to work with us. She is excited to be apart of a growing business that is fun to work at with a product that is good for the environment. She is dedicated to making sure that every Wax Wrap reaches it’s destination.

Iity – Our QC (Quality Control) Bee and Manager

Iit has many talents that are still being revealed to me slowly as time goes on, she makes sure that every Wax Wrap is perfect and oversees the accounts. She is like the big sister to everyone and we all look up to her.

Pinuan – Our Cutting Bee

SO happy to work from home we set her up in a separate and clean space that meets GMP standards, she is living the dream and is happy to be a part of SuperBee

Khun Gai – our Waxing Bee and Supplies Manager.

She started waxing with me in the laundry way back when and she is dedicated to making quality wraps for the global market.
She makes our potions and teaches all the new waxers how it is done, she also holds the SuperBee box folding record of 28 seconds.

Khun Oi

Our housekeeper and waxer, she is from the Shan State and we love the diversity that she brings. Quiet, sweet and productive.