10 Nifty Ways to Use Your Wax Wraps

While our reusable beeswax wraps provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, there’s so much more that they can be used for than simply wrapping up leftover food. Read on for some smart, and sometimes surprising, ways to use your Wax Wraps.

Wrap a half of fruit

Use your wax wrap to directly cover the sliced end of your favourite fruit whether it is an apple, melon, mango, papaya or even avocado. (Extra tip: remember to keep the pit in the half of the avocado you’re saving to help it from turning brown. Learn more clever food storage tips here.)

Cover a pitcher or bottle of water

Keep flies away from a refreshing jug of lemonade during a picnic, or pitcher of cocktails during an outdoor soiree, by simply covering the top with a Wax Wrap.

Use as a pouch instead of a plastic snack bag

Fold a Medium Wax Wrap into a pouch by folding the wrap in half then crimping in the sides instead of using a disposable plastic snack bag to keep sandwiches, sliced fruit or veggies, granola, trail mix or any other snacks fresh.

Store a set of crayons or coloured pencils

Wax Wraps can be used in a number of ways to help store and organise kids’ things, such as loose crayons, coloured pencils, small toys or a toothbrush and toothpaste for an overnight slumber party. Just wrap ‘em up! Kids also love to play with the wraps, folding them into origami or covering who knows what – use them to your advantage as an easy distraction.

Wrap up a deck of playing cards

Playing cards wrapped in beeswax wraps.

Playing cards wrapped in beeswax wraps.

Another kid favourite, playing and Uno card packs tend to get crushed or ripped up. Fortunately, a Wax Wrap can be handled by kids again and again without falling apart.

Line a refrigerator tray

Instead of putting down plastic or paper towels to line a refrigerator drawer, use a Wax Wrap instead for easy clean up.

Cover a cookie or baking tray

Taking a big dish to a potluck or gathering? As an alternative to plastic wrap, cover your tray with a reusable, and more festive, Wax Wrap.

Use as a non-stick mat for rolling out dough

The Wax Wraps may stick to glass and each other, but act similar to parchment paper or a silicon mat when used with sticky dough. Lay down a Large Wax Wrap or The Bumblebee (XXL) on your counter then roll out pastry crust or cookie dough.

Wrap a baguette or fresh loaf of bread

We always manage to rip the bag our baguettes and bread come in. No worries – just use one of our larger Wax Wraps to wrap up the bread instead.

Wrap up a bar of soap for travelling

A block of soap wrapped in beeswax wraps

A block of soap wrapped in beeswax wraps

This is one of our favourite little travel hacks. Instead of using a plastic bag or box to store your bar of soap, wrap it in a Wax Wrap instead! While plastic bags get slimy when keeping a wet bar of soap, the Wax Wraps stay more fresh, are easier to clean and, of course, reusable.

One other thing to keep in mind when using your SuperBee Wax Wraps, while the reusable beeswax wraps are fine to use for wrapping up a block of cheese, avoid wrapping meat in them to avoid any cross contamination or bacteria issues. Instead, we always recommend storing meat in glass containers which are non porous and can be easily sterilised.

What other creative ways have you used your Wax Wraps? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

Flower beeswax wrap

Flower beeswax wrap

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