Benefits of Coconut Oil – The Queen Bee Of Multitasking

Coconut Oil in Jar

Coconut Palms are known as ‘the tree of life’ in Asian and Pacific communities and the coconut oil is considered the Queen of multitasking of the natural world, take a look around your home and you will probably find coconut oil is used as a base ingredient in many products that you use, its extensive list of beneficial properties make it a trustworthy ingredient used in everything from cooking to personal hygiene.

Cooking and Health benefits:

Cooking with coconut oil is gaining popularity as a replacement for other cooking oils and butter due to is proven health benefits as well as medicinal healing properties when consumed;

Coconut oil has a higher consistency of saturated fats than other oils so has the ability to withstand higher temperatures without destroying the beneficial fats. Not to mention that it also gives your food a delicious taste and good texture!

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides

that your body will use for energy and endurance.

Trygyceride Chain

It is rich in lauric acid which will increase HDL (the good cholesterol in your body) and it does wonders for your digestive and immune system.

Personal Hygiene:

Coconut oil also has an extremely long list of medicinal benefits; improving skin conditions, healing urinary and kidney infections and reducing inflammation are just to name a few.

There aren’t many products that you would happily cook your food with as well as rubbing all over your body, hair and teeth but we did say that coconut oil is the queen of multitasking. Many natural beauty products contain coconut oil as it has fantastic natural antibacterial, anti fungal and antioxidant properties.

Dental uses of coconut oil

Coconut oils can soak into your hair better than any others leaving it shiny and aiding its growth.
Natural toothpaste made with coconut oil has great antibacterial properties that hold significant benefits to dental hygiene, using natural toothpaste helps you to avoid the harmful chemicals that are found in other toothpastes.

For your skin

Coconut Oil Massage

Rubbing coconut oil into your body is a brilliant moisturiser even for the driest of skin. You also have the added bonus that it leaves your body and hair smelling amazing!

So it is not surprising that with all of its magic properties that we also use coconut oil in our Wax Wraps! The coconut oil is applied to the fabric which gives the Wax Wraps a lot of flexibility.

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