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Thailand is world famous for its traditional handicrafts and range of natural products. Here many things are still made by hand and you can buy locally produced food items, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, wherever you go.

Particularly around Chiang Mai in the northern part of the country where SuperBee is based, there’s a strong emphasis on living simply, naturally and producing all you can by hand. Not all of the local products are created equal however and to help distinguish some of the best, while also working to support village-based enterprise, the country’s nationwide OTOP initiative selects only the highest quality items to market to the rest of the country and the world.

From Oolong tea to iPhone cases, shrimp paste to silk dresses, OTOP products run the gamut. A tambon is the equivalent of a sub district in Thailand and OTOP stands for “One Tambon One Product” meaning that individual sub districts are specially recognised for producing specific products. The honour of making an OTOP-certified product not only encourages and supports local hand-made goods and traditional handicrafts, but receiving certification means that your product will have added branding and marketing support from the organisation allowing small-scale producers to be able to market their products on a larger, more global scale. While helping communities across the country support themselves financially, the project also helps encourage the use and preservation of traditional skills, crafts, culture and heritage.

OTOP certified Product

The beeswax we use in SuperBee Wax Wraps comes from Chiang Mai and is OTOP-certified. Along with minimising our carbon footprint, using this beeswax allows us to support local businesses while also ensuring that the materials we use to hand make our Wax Wraps are some of the best around – and the best for you!

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